Thursday, 17 January 2013

I Moose Think Of Better Puns - A Cosy Winter Outfit

grey moose jumper: New Look
plaid/checkered jacket: Superdry (bought in TK Maxx)
brown belt: primark
jeans: primark
cream bobble hat: H&M
lips: MAC Rebel 


this isn't the outfit that i'm wearing today but the outfit i wore on Monday during the dreaded 4 hour train journey! if you're interested in reading my 4am crazy blog ramblings from that day, you can read it here. i reenacted scenes from Oliver Twist and my fingers turned into icicles. Daily Mail deemed Monday as a terrorising snow day and after reading more and more scary articles, i dashed over to my wardrobe and tried to find a 'snow worthy' outfit. my beloved shirts were a big no-no, my leather trousers wouldn't have been friends with the sludge and my tights laughed in my face before burying themselves deeper into my closet.


the checkered jacket i bought a few months ago and my grey moose winter jumper stepped forward and proposed a war plan to combat the icy grounds - deal. i found the Superdry jacket from TK Maxx on my birthday in August - it was 50% off marking it down to the sweet, sweet price of £30! i couldn't believe it and i only had to justify it with three reasons:

1) it was burgundy (i do love me some burgundy)
2) it had a big grey hood (big hoods cover my big head)
3) it was on sale

i rushed over to the till and voila! it was mine...
...and then sat in my wardrobe until now.

it's finally cold enough to wear it and i've been layering away happily like a beaver building its dam. i don't think that sounds normal but the image forming in my head seems to make sense so i'll leave it. it's a great piece and i'm finding a use for plain tops/jumpers now! the texture and print is very winter-appropriate and it's also guy approved as i've seen it worn by two men around town. it has a slight 'Bon Iver' feel to it as if i should be in a log cabin gathering up the wood i had chopped up the day before... 

i wore my stompy Dr Martens Serena boots and two pairs of socks then trotted off with my suitcase and  bag! i always overpack so i did nearly lose a shoulder in the process but all is well now!

either way, i surprisingly like this outfit and it kept me very warm indeed!

as this is another scheduled post, i'll actually be on my second 4 hour train journey of the week by the time you read this! i spend more hours on train journeys than i do asleep but it's all good - they give me the time to just relax and read my book! i'm currently reading 'Little Women' - i bought it from a charity shop a few months ago and it also came with 'The Secret Garden'! i love reading classics, it casts the most amazing images in my head and i like to imagine that i've gone back in time experiencing it with them :)

i hope you're all having a great day!
see you tomorrow :)

i uploaded a new video on five casual winter daytime outfits for university/college: 
it incorporates the outfits that i've posted on here but if you fancied watching it in video form, feel free to!


  1. loveee the jacket!!

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    1. Thank you!! I love your blog and followed! :) xxx


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