Sunday, 20 January 2013

Clothing & Accessories Wish List



today has been another snowy day and i'm crossing my fingers and toes that it won't disrupt our disneyland trip on Tuesday, wahhh! i don't have an outfit post as today just involved a quick trip into town and Sainsbury's for holiday supplies and a new watch (i have a Toy Watch now- post on that soon, eep!) 

i thought i'd post a quick wish list of some of the things that have caught my eye recently! let me know if you would like more of these posts :)


1) with all of this cold weather, i'm looking forward to spring and summer. i just want warm weather now perleaseee! this top is ultra-girly and would look lovely tucked into a pastel/cream coloured skater/a-line skirt! i'd wear a light brown floppy hat and brown sandals with it too. 

2) i'm really into sweatshirts right now, they're a great layering piece and are also really comfortable. i love elbow patches and the peace ones on this sweater are a great twist on a basic clothing item! 

3) this isn't something i'd usually go for but i think this would look really cute sitting on top of the head and would probably be a good conversation starter. 

4) i've seen these headbands popping up on blogs a lot recently and i can't seem to get it out of my mind - they remind me of Lana Del Rey and it'd easily dress up plain dresses/outfits for the spring/summer time. ahhh, want want want. 

5) i came across this on eBay and may have squealed a little bit when i realised what it was. they are panda food picks to keep fruit/sandwiches/snacks in place in your lunch box! imagine opening up a lunch box to see smiley pandas looking up at you! 

6) as i'm in a disney mood, something disney-related had to make an appearance! i love the design of this and i'd love to layer it over a white shirt too or go with the whole sporty look and pair it with converse/baggy trousers :)


that's allllll!

my toes are freezing off right now - brrrrr.

i'm going to pack my suitcase tonight so there may be a 'winter holiday packing' post/video tomorrow! ahhh, please can the snow just melt away now?!

OOH! I uploaded a new video on my channel last night of the snow day outfit I wore on Friday with a few other 'snowy' clips in too!

The film effects at the start of the video was inspired by Jennie's amazing snow day video on her channel. Go watch it and you will not be disappointed - it makes you feel all festive : )

i hope you're all having an amazing day!
see you all tomorrow :) 


  1. haha those picks are SO cute!!! i love that bambi sweater :)


  2. Love this!
    Great blog!
    Check out mine sometime if you'd like xoxo


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