Monday, 14 January 2013

3:44AM Ramblings: Send Me To A Shirt Rehab!


by the time you read this, i'll still (hopefully) be on my four hour train journey! it's currently 3:34am and I should probably be sleeping... woops. whenever i get overly tired (but i'm too stubborn to sleep), my subconscious mind starts having a party and thus, things like this blog post is born. it's one of the many reasons why creative writing is the second part of my degree and why i love writing so much. i'm crossing my fingers and toes that it hasn't snowed overnight and even if it has, please don't affect my journey - i'm petrified that i'll be stranded at some random station dragging along a heavy suitcase with only my panda hat on my head to keep me warm. i'll walk up to the train conductor and ask for some of the potato and leek soup they're handing out and bleakly say...

'please sir, i want more...'
(please don't happen, please don't happen)

i need to remind myself to write down some phone numbers on a piece of number if i need to search for a pay phone or ask for assistance! my sister told me i'm always too over prepared but i always imagine dramatic (usually scary/negative) scenarios in my head and think to myself *pack the kitchen sink and put the contents of the fridge in bag* i've been watching a LOT (two seasons in three days, i'm now on the third season) of Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge so I have the 1909/1920 era going on in my head right now too except that i'd be a working class lass! my favourite character is Lady Sybil (and i accidentally found out the huge spoiler about her when i was googling her, hmph). 

i uploaded a collective clothing (and small beauty) haul on my channel yesterday so if you fancy having a look at the (one too many) shirts i've bought, the video will be embedded below. i think i have a problem. no, i KNOW that i have a problem with buying shirts. they're all fantastical and different from each other though so it's all dandy and great! :) there's also two pairs of rather interesting trousers in the video amongst some more weird yet wonderful things, some of you will be thinking 'what were you thinking?!' and some of you may like it! i guess that i just wanted to express my inner rock star in me, haha. 

my fingers are now turning into icicles and typing is quickening the process! i think i'll leave you now, i used to save this type of 'random' early morning writing for twitter/long text messages to Jordan and my friends for them to wake up to! i'd make them all tweet/say the magic word to me at college if they read them... things like 'the golden octopus with a pink tutu on'. it was amusing seeing the people who would just walk up to me to tell me that phrase, haha. i don't think i've ever expressed this weird, weird, WEIRD side of me on my blog/youtube before but here's an introduction! i'm not too sure why i don't, writing/filming is so comforting and relaxing for me but i guess i'm a bit too scared to properly show this side incase people are like running away whilst frantically clicking unsubscribe! i think i would.

... i am going to regret this blog post by tomorrow but it'll be too late!

i hope you all enjoyed reading this though,
it'd make my day if it even made anyone have the faintest of smiles!

wish me luck
and lots of love from me :)


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this Shu and I can't WAIT to see your clothing/miscellaneous haul when I get some business (aka school) matters taken care of!! :)


    1. Thanks Cassie! I loved your comment on the video, it made me chuckle a lot ;) xx

  2. I loved all your shirts that you've brought! I tend to go a bit shirt crazy sometimes haha :)

    1. Thank you!! Haha, it happens to the best of us ;) xx

  3. I get overtired and become too stubborn to go to sleep all the time, but I find I get the most done during those times. I wish I had a normal persons sleeping pattern though!

    Jennie xo |

    1. Same! We should have early morning chats haha, no one is ever awake when I am! If there's uni work to be done, I tend to wait until the early hours in the morning until my brain decides to go into gear! xxx

  4. Love to see Asian women in tights and heels. SO nice!


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