Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Off to Disneyland Paris!


I'm currently at St. Pancras and we're waiting to board our train to DISNEYLAAAAND! Yippee!

I'm wearing some comfy aztec print joggers from Topshop and they're amazing! I urge you all to buy them - it feels like I'm wearing pyjama bottoms... but they're stylish!

I won't be able to blog these next few days but I just wanted to wish you all an amazing few days and I shall blog when I'm back!

Sending lots of hugs to you : )

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Clothing & Accessories Wish List



today has been another snowy day and i'm crossing my fingers and toes that it won't disrupt our disneyland trip on Tuesday, wahhh! i don't have an outfit post as today just involved a quick trip into town and Sainsbury's for holiday supplies and a new watch (i have a Toy Watch now- post on that soon, eep!) 

i thought i'd post a quick wish list of some of the things that have caught my eye recently! let me know if you would like more of these posts :)


1) with all of this cold weather, i'm looking forward to spring and summer. i just want warm weather now perleaseee! this top is ultra-girly and would look lovely tucked into a pastel/cream coloured skater/a-line skirt! i'd wear a light brown floppy hat and brown sandals with it too. 

2) i'm really into sweatshirts right now, they're a great layering piece and are also really comfortable. i love elbow patches and the peace ones on this sweater are a great twist on a basic clothing item! 

3) this isn't something i'd usually go for but i think this would look really cute sitting on top of the head and would probably be a good conversation starter. 

4) i've seen these headbands popping up on blogs a lot recently and i can't seem to get it out of my mind - they remind me of Lana Del Rey and it'd easily dress up plain dresses/outfits for the spring/summer time. ahhh, want want want. 

5) i came across this on eBay and may have squealed a little bit when i realised what it was. they are panda food picks to keep fruit/sandwiches/snacks in place in your lunch box! imagine opening up a lunch box to see smiley pandas looking up at you! 

6) as i'm in a disney mood, something disney-related had to make an appearance! i love the design of this and i'd love to layer it over a white shirt too or go with the whole sporty look and pair it with converse/baggy trousers :)


that's allllll!

my toes are freezing off right now - brrrrr.

i'm going to pack my suitcase tonight so there may be a 'winter holiday packing' post/video tomorrow! ahhh, please can the snow just melt away now?!

OOH! I uploaded a new video on my channel last night of the snow day outfit I wore on Friday with a few other 'snowy' clips in too!

The film effects at the start of the video was inspired by Jennie's amazing snow day video on her channel. Go watch it and you will not be disappointed - it makes you feel all festive : )

i hope you're all having an amazing day!
see you all tomorrow :) 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Day in England

burgundy speckled jumper - primark
beige quilted jacket - new look
furry hat - sister's but it's from primark
aztec peg trousers - asos
red satchel camera bag - eBay
burgundy gloves - gift from Jordan


so... it snowed yesterday in the UK and i had an absolute BLAST of a day! there's nothing quite like drawing back your curtains to be met with a (cliché) winter wonderland - i do love seeing fresh blankets of snow... ready to be stomped in.

i wrapped up very very warm and it was awkward trying to move around but i was so comfortable. i ended up wearing a quilted jacket, three jumpers, a long sleeve top, a vest top, two pairs of tights (one being the thick 'super cosy tights' from Primark) and my aztec peg trousers from ASOS! that's a lot of layers, right? in the first picture - my legs look extra short and stumpy but it's due to the baggy trousers being tucked into the wellies. i haven't shrunk overnight... at least i don't think i have! i did a very good impression of a penguin but for that many layers, it could have looked a lot worse!

i sledged for the first ever time yesterday and it was so much fun! this is going to sound incredibly silly but i usually get really panicky about those sort of things (wimp) because i start imagining a load of horrific scenarios involving broken limbs and the wrong kind of lumps. i was anxious but after seeing so many people do it and with Jordan's encouragement, i just told the anxiety to take a day off and i did it! i want to go again (in fact, i may do today if the snow hasn't turned into slush by this time). i felt even more of a big kid and nearly knocked into a dog and a small girl but no one got hurt and i'm still alive :) i now see what the fuss is about!

afterwards, we all went back to Jordan's house and Jordan, his dad and I went into the hot tub to warm up! IT. WAS. AMAZING. the water was 40C and it felt surreal being surrounded by snow but feeling like you're in the best hot bath in the world, haha. it wasn't actually as cold as i had thought it would have been when we got out either! 

all in all, it was an amazing day and i wish it could happen all over again!

it was so lovely seeing everyone with a smile on their face and just all being together :)

if you were in the UK/somewhere that snowed - how did you spend your snow day? even if it didn't snow, let me know! i'd love to read about it :)

i hope you're all having an amazing day, 
see you tomorrow! :)

Friday, 18 January 2013

Winter Layering: Floral Jumpers to an Androgynous Style

floral jumper with scallop edge collar: vintage
jeans: primark
grey speckled jumper: Jordan's (from H&M)
satchel messenger bag: Jordan's (from ASOS)
lips: MAC Rebel


if you're in the UK, you will have probably realised that it's snowing today... transport has been disrupted, school has been cancelled and judging from my facebook/twitter feed, some people are a bit grumpy too. boooo. whilst it's at an inconvenient time, i still can't help but have flurries of excitement at the look of it! everything just suddenly becomes magical and peaceful (although the ice after this won't but let's not think about that).  i'm all dressed and after lunch, i'm going to attempt to go out and PLAAAAY. we're planning to go in Jordan's hot tub later too, i'm pretty excited! this outfit wouldn't be entirely appropriate as it was taken a few days ago but it can be transformed into two different outfits.

i bought the floral jumper from a vintage shop last year and fell in love with the scallop edge collars, print and the shorter sleeves! although i love knitwear, it doesn't seem to love me and instead chooses to make me look like a chubby marshmallow. it's not a flattering look. however, these sleeves are more fitted and as the rest of my arms are shown, my body shape peeks through and isn't engulfed by the thick fabric.

for the second outfit... i raided Jordan's wardrobe. he has some jewels in there and he quite likes me wearing his baggy jumpers so it's a win-win situation! i spotted this grey speckled jumper with elbow patches and 'yoinked' it. seeing elbow patches on things makes me happy for some strange reason. i also saw the brown satchel bag in the corner and took it out for a spin too. as it's freezing cold outside, it's still possible to layer up without waddling. i simply put the oversized grey jumper over the top of my floral one, put the collars over the top of the round neck and voila! a completely new look.

it has a slight androgynous feel to it and i quite like that both guys and girls can wear this outfit. having a look in your boyfriend's/brother's/dad's wardrobe has its advantages! 

i'll try and take some pictures and film an outfit of the day to show you my snow outfit!

i am wearing a jumper but hey.... SNOW ANGEL TIME!

 if you're in the UK - have fun in the snow and be safe 
and if you're not in the UK, i still hope you're all having an amazing day!!!

see you tomorrow! :)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

I Moose Think Of Better Puns - A Cosy Winter Outfit

grey moose jumper: New Look
plaid/checkered jacket: Superdry (bought in TK Maxx)
brown belt: primark
jeans: primark
cream bobble hat: H&M
lips: MAC Rebel 


this isn't the outfit that i'm wearing today but the outfit i wore on Monday during the dreaded 4 hour train journey! if you're interested in reading my 4am crazy blog ramblings from that day, you can read it here. i reenacted scenes from Oliver Twist and my fingers turned into icicles. Daily Mail deemed Monday as a terrorising snow day and after reading more and more scary articles, i dashed over to my wardrobe and tried to find a 'snow worthy' outfit. my beloved shirts were a big no-no, my leather trousers wouldn't have been friends with the sludge and my tights laughed in my face before burying themselves deeper into my closet.


the checkered jacket i bought a few months ago and my grey moose winter jumper stepped forward and proposed a war plan to combat the icy grounds - deal. i found the Superdry jacket from TK Maxx on my birthday in August - it was 50% off marking it down to the sweet, sweet price of £30! i couldn't believe it and i only had to justify it with three reasons:

1) it was burgundy (i do love me some burgundy)
2) it had a big grey hood (big hoods cover my big head)
3) it was on sale

i rushed over to the till and voila! it was mine...
...and then sat in my wardrobe until now.

it's finally cold enough to wear it and i've been layering away happily like a beaver building its dam. i don't think that sounds normal but the image forming in my head seems to make sense so i'll leave it. it's a great piece and i'm finding a use for plain tops/jumpers now! the texture and print is very winter-appropriate and it's also guy approved as i've seen it worn by two men around town. it has a slight 'Bon Iver' feel to it as if i should be in a log cabin gathering up the wood i had chopped up the day before... 

i wore my stompy Dr Martens Serena boots and two pairs of socks then trotted off with my suitcase and  bag! i always overpack so i did nearly lose a shoulder in the process but all is well now!

either way, i surprisingly like this outfit and it kept me very warm indeed!

as this is another scheduled post, i'll actually be on my second 4 hour train journey of the week by the time you read this! i spend more hours on train journeys than i do asleep but it's all good - they give me the time to just relax and read my book! i'm currently reading 'Little Women' - i bought it from a charity shop a few months ago and it also came with 'The Secret Garden'! i love reading classics, it casts the most amazing images in my head and i like to imagine that i've gone back in time experiencing it with them :)

i hope you're all having a great day!
see you tomorrow :)

i uploaded a new video on five casual winter daytime outfits for university/college: 
it incorporates the outfits that i've posted on here but if you fancied watching it in video form, feel free to!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Polka Dots and Homemade Special Fried Rice!

polka dot shirt: River Island (but bought on ASOS)
gold choker necklace: Forever 21
burgundy cardigan: Jordan's (Topman)
socks: my mum gave them to me :)!


i'm sorry this blog post is so late! i ended up filming a video and iMovie was being a poop by corrupting my original file so it took up the whole day trying to fix it. if you noticed my ever so stylish grey stripey socks, today was also a lounging around 'editing' kind of day - my favourite! 

quick story time:

my mum gave those socks to me last year as well as stuffing half of her wardrobe into my bag. she's the ultimate bargain hunter although it never quite works to her favour... if there's a sale, a radar seems to go off inside her head. she'd whisk over to the shops... come back with several bags... and then leave them in her wardrobe. six months to a year later, they're still there complete with tags. 

she's obsessed with stripes and blazers and i mean obsessed. she has two full length wardrobes in her room.. one of them is dedicated to her blazers and she keeps buying more.


i'm not complaining though - i end up going back to uni with a load of new clothes to wear!

back to the post:

i bought this polka dot shirt last week from ASOS for £18 (including student discount) - it's actually from River Island and the RRP is £25 so i'm not too sure why ASOS is selling it for £20! regardless, i'm developing some kind of obsessive relationship with this item of clothing. it's quite worrying. i've never been a 'polka dot' gal but this just called out to me and now i'm dotty for it (i'm sorry, i couldn't resist!)

it's unbelievably comfortable, it's black and white and the buttons are small golden spikes:
*cue angelic hallelujahs*  

what's more, i feel like it has a slight 50s feel to it so i decided to wear my MAC rebel lipstick just to make it look slightly more 'glamourous'. this lipstick is also a recent favourite and i can't stop calling it my ribena lips lipstick. if you fancy having some purpley pink lips, this will be your friend!

i raided Jordan's wardrobe and stole borrowed his burgundy cardigan from Topman. he was too busy doing his uni work to notice so i decided to use his grey jumper and satchel bag too (blog post coming on that soon). hehehe. i made up a 'i'm raiding JORRRRDAN'S CLOSET' song and dance whilst exploring and he seemed to quite enjoy that so i think we're even and it's an invitation to wear more of his clothes :)


 i took some pictures of the homemade special fried rice we cooked last night! it was so delicious and surprisingly easy! 

he just couldn't contain his excitement for spring onion chopping!


i'll leave you with this picture! 
i hope you like rice...

i hope you've all had an amazing day!
seeeee you tomorrow :)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Striped Monochrome

vertical stripey shirt: H&M
coloured speckled jumper: QED London (TK Maxx)
tights: Primark


i've arrived here safely and i was glad to change into my comfy PJ bottoms when i arrived! i hope you all had a lovely day yesterday and today - did anyone make any snow men/women/dogs/houses? i ended up making five train journeys and four of them were delayed so cue me searching my train app every ten minutes and rushing around in search for the platforms! my Oliver Twist scenario didn't happen although my fingers, toes and nose were threatening me with emigration if i didn't arrive any time soon. 

this is the outfit that i'm wearing today; thank you to Jordan for helping me with the pictures :). does anyone have any tips on posing or am i doomed to look like a overly doughy marshmallow forever more? i feel so awkward posing in front of the camera and i simply can't pull off the 'angry but cool moody' shots other fashion bloggers can do! i hope you're all okay with my toothy grin from time to time!

knitwear is never a flattering option for my body shape, it widens me but it's winter and i need warrrrmth. someone named the shirt as a 'jail break' shirt and i must agree, it definitely reminds me of that haha! for days i don't feel like wearing a 'loud' print as the stand out item but still want to incorporate it into an outfit, wearing it under a jumper is the best option! for those who don't like scoop/round necklines, the shirt collars help to cover it too and transform a plain jumper into something that looks a bit smarter and 'fancier' too. layering doesn't always have to be multiple unflattering pieces piling on top of each other like sardines (although the clothes i wear when i'm lounging around at home  begs to differ...)

i must dash - dinner time! 

Jordan and I will be attempting to cook a healthy version of special fried rice from scratch tonight - this is the time for my Chinese self to shine so erm... hurry up and arrive please. we've bought king prawns, peas, carrots, rice, pork and spring onions with some green tea on the side too! it's my favourite rice dish, yummmmm. 

i hope you've all had a great day!

Monday, 14 January 2013

3:44AM Ramblings: Send Me To A Shirt Rehab!


by the time you read this, i'll still (hopefully) be on my four hour train journey! it's currently 3:34am and I should probably be sleeping... woops. whenever i get overly tired (but i'm too stubborn to sleep), my subconscious mind starts having a party and thus, things like this blog post is born. it's one of the many reasons why creative writing is the second part of my degree and why i love writing so much. i'm crossing my fingers and toes that it hasn't snowed overnight and even if it has, please don't affect my journey - i'm petrified that i'll be stranded at some random station dragging along a heavy suitcase with only my panda hat on my head to keep me warm. i'll walk up to the train conductor and ask for some of the potato and leek soup they're handing out and bleakly say...

'please sir, i want more...'
(please don't happen, please don't happen)

i need to remind myself to write down some phone numbers on a piece of number if i need to search for a pay phone or ask for assistance! my sister told me i'm always too over prepared but i always imagine dramatic (usually scary/negative) scenarios in my head and think to myself *pack the kitchen sink and put the contents of the fridge in bag* i've been watching a LOT (two seasons in three days, i'm now on the third season) of Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge so I have the 1909/1920 era going on in my head right now too except that i'd be a working class lass! my favourite character is Lady Sybil (and i accidentally found out the huge spoiler about her when i was googling her, hmph). 

i uploaded a collective clothing (and small beauty) haul on my channel yesterday so if you fancy having a look at the (one too many) shirts i've bought, the video will be embedded below. i think i have a problem. no, i KNOW that i have a problem with buying shirts. they're all fantastical and different from each other though so it's all dandy and great! :) there's also two pairs of rather interesting trousers in the video amongst some more weird yet wonderful things, some of you will be thinking 'what were you thinking?!' and some of you may like it! i guess that i just wanted to express my inner rock star in me, haha. 

my fingers are now turning into icicles and typing is quickening the process! i think i'll leave you now, i used to save this type of 'random' early morning writing for twitter/long text messages to Jordan and my friends for them to wake up to! i'd make them all tweet/say the magic word to me at college if they read them... things like 'the golden octopus with a pink tutu on'. it was amusing seeing the people who would just walk up to me to tell me that phrase, haha. i don't think i've ever expressed this weird, weird, WEIRD side of me on my blog/youtube before but here's an introduction! i'm not too sure why i don't, writing/filming is so comforting and relaxing for me but i guess i'm a bit too scared to properly show this side incase people are like running away whilst frantically clicking unsubscribe! i think i would.

... i am going to regret this blog post by tomorrow but it'll be too late!

i hope you all enjoyed reading this though,
it'd make my day if it even made anyone have the faintest of smiles!

wish me luck
and lots of love from me :)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Let's Play A December Catch Up!


Now, I don't know about you but December (and the start of January) was extremely busy for me - last minute Christmas shopping, university deadlines, work deadlines and dashing around all over the place meant I didn't have time to catch up with blogging (both reading and writing)!

In case any of you were interested, I thought I'd post a few outfit photos and videos that I forgot didn't have the time to post last month! If you wanted to play catch up or just had a few minutes to spare, perhaps this will come in handy! Grab yourself a nice cup of tea/coffee/water/juice/fizz too! :)

Outfits for all seasons: Spring to Autumn/Winter Fashion

Whenever I buy a new item of clothing, I always try to picture at least four outfits in my head before I click the 'check out' button. Aside from being a student, I just love being able to wear my wardrobe (not literally) all year round. Don't worry, I do like to buy some festive-themed/bright summery pieces from time to time too! Have a look at the outfit pictures below to see how I'd wear the clothing items from summer - autumn!

Outfit One:
patterned blouse - vintage
black skinny jeans - primark
leather bag - a shop in Milan

Shirts and blouses make up about 90% of my wardrobe - I can't get enough of them and they're definitely my favourite type of clothing items to buy. They're versatile, effortless to wear and can be easily adapted for a variety of situations. The outfit above can be worn to work, shopping or an evening out - just change the accessories around and voila!

Outfit Two:

black and white crochet dress - Fashion Temple in Brighton

grey cardigan - New Look

Dresses aren't just for the summer time and as I'm very fond of sporting a monochrome outfit - this dress had to be included. Some dresses/skirts/shorts just doesn't look right when it's paired with dark coloured tights - no fear, I'm wearing nude tights and you can barely tell. They keep you warm and ensure you can still rock your favourite bottoms without freezing your legs off!

Outfit Three:

black sweater - primark

mustard coloured blouse - primark
faux leather shorts - Forever21
red satchel bag - eBay

If there's a 'rule' for autumn/winter fashion, it's to layer your clothes. Unfortunately, I stupidly decided to tuck in the bottom of my black jumper so I look a bit foolish in the picture but you get the idea! If you have any bright coloured summery clothes in your wardrobe, revamp them for winter by layering jumpers over the top of it! It's refreshing to zap a bit more colour during the dull and dark days, and you'll feel much happier too!

Outfit Four:

blue work shirt - ASOS

wet-look skater skirt - ASOS

Woops - another shirt. This blue work shirt was from ASOS for a bargain price of £18! It's great and the collar makes me happy - I do love me a good structured collar. Pay an ode to the classic school girl look without mimicking Ms Britney Spears. I've modernised it with a wet-look skater skirt to add a bit of an 'edge' to the overall look! By adding a mac coat/faux fur collar/leather jacket will keep you warm without compromising the style of the outfit!

Outfit Five:

cobalt blue long shirt - Forever21

black shorts - H&M
two tone riding boots - Primark
brown belt - Primark

leopard headband - gift

This was a bit of a last minute outfit where I decided to just, well, chuck everything on. I'm obsessed with my leopard headband (although I've lost it and I can't find it anywhere, boo). If you're not a hat person or you fancy a bit of a change, fur headbands are GRRRReat! They keep you warm and makes you look stylish too. Cobalt blue will forever remain a colour that can be worn all year round - it's always strutting down the catwalk during the A/W shows and dancing down the runway for the S/S shows. It's a crowd favourite - pair it with some neutral shades and accessories for the bright blast of blue to stand out!

three year anniversary with Jordan

December 13th marked our third year anniversary together! We went to our favourite restaurant and watched The Hobbit in IMAX on the actual day and then went into Central London for some Christmas shopping in Westfield Stratford followed by the Lion King on stage! It was awesome. I don't have a picture of the outfit I wore underneath my jacket on day one so if you were interested, watch the video below! :)

Day One:
Faux leather jacket - Primark

Peek of my khaki blouse - ZARA
The 'blogger' bag - eBay
Jeans - Primark
Boots - Dr Martens Serena

Day Two:
Lace top: vintage

Wet look skater skirt: ASOS
Chain belt: Primark
The 'blogger' bag: eBay
Boots - Dr Martens Serena
Bobble hat - H&M

Winterlicious Tag on Christmas Eve! 

I was tagged by the amazing essiebutton to do the winterlicious tag! it's a collection of wintery questions and I show you the gingerbread house Jordan and I made... okay, decorated.

DECEMBER TWENTY-FIFTH:Christmas Day Montage and What I Got For Christmas Video

Christmas! I wore a big festive jumper and made a montage of our day! I also made a 'what I got for Christmas' video too so have a gander if you wanted to have a bit of a nose like me! Needless to say that I am extremely grateful and thankful for what I received but presents are not to be prioritised, I had a PERFECT Christmas Day spent with the people I love and it still makes me smile just thinking about it! I hope you all had a great Christmas too!

That's all, folks!

Phew! If you have gotten this far - I congratulate you and give yourself a pat on the back!
Thank you so much for reading (and maybe watching)

Hope you're all having an amazing day :)

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Get Ready With Me: Black Smokey Eyes


Before Christmas, I uploaded my second ever 'tutorial' over on my channel of a black smokey eye for small/Asian eyes! Although it's Christmas themed (I miss festive hats and Christmas trees!), I'd still wear this look for the evening regardless.

Now, having small eyes means that I don't really have a lot of lid space to work with - if at all. I have to extend the eyeshadow up beyond my natural crease for the colour to even show. It's taken me a few years to practise how to apply eyeshadow and whilst it's by no means perfect, it's a lot better than the sloppy mess I used to create!

Have a look and let me know what you think!

I hope you enjoy it :)

ALSO! I finally created a Facebook page for 'shulikesclothes'! A few people have asked me to in the past... but to be quite honest with you, before they asked, the idea had never even popped up in my mind! I've put it off for a while - in a strange way, I didn't feel like I 'qualified' for a specific facebook page! I'm a very very little fish in a huuuuuuuuuge pond and the thought of creating one for people to potentially 'like' frightened me, haha.

However, if you're on Facebook more often/don't have Twitter - feel free to 'like' it if you want to be kept up to date with new blog posts and videos as well as my rambles, no doubt! Alternatively, you can follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram! Phew! That's a lot of social media links, haha.

Have a great rest of the day :)

Friday, 11 January 2013

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day outfits!

New Year's Eve: 
Burgundy studded cross shirt: Missguided
Gold necklace: Forever 21
Reindeer hat: Primark (men's section)
Faux leather trousers: H&M
Socks: New Look
Boots: Dr Martens Serenas 

New Year's Day:
White collar shirt: Matalan
Blue sparkle jumper: H&M
Faux leather trousers: H&M
Gold choker necklace: Forever 21


I really neglected my blog last year and now that I've finished all of my university assignments for semester one (yay!), I'm making it a resolution to update this more frequently. I have the rest of the month off so I have no excuse! I also tweaked the layout to this blog as well as my YouTube channel and vlog channel - let me know what you think of it. 

These photos are a bit (extremely) late but these are the outfits that I wore on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day - we spent it in Central London and the fireworks were incredible. It was definitely worth the 5+ hour wait, if you ever get a chance to go - I really recommend it! Luckily, it didn't rain a single drop during the evening too although getting back was a nightmare! I thought I'd share some pictures of the fireworks with you too. So pretty :)

What have you guys been up to?! I'm going to Disneyland Paris in two weeks for three days and I'm beyond excited, I'll definitely take a thousand few pictures to share with you all. There's meant to be a three week snow storm starting from this weekend though :(, fingers crossed there won't be! Are there any restaurants/rides we should particularly look out for?

(extremely) belated happy new year!

I'll see you tomorrow :)

p.s. I've attached the video I made below in case you were interested. It's two outfit of the days as well as a video montage of what we did on New Year's Eve! :)

 photo yt.jpg  photo ins_1.jpg  photo tw_1.jpg  photo fb_1.jpg  photo bl_1.jpg