Sunday, 2 December 2012

Autumn Outfit: Burgundy and Plaid Prints

 Plaid shirt - Monki
Faux leather shorts - Forever 21
Black tights - Primark
Burgundy snood - Primark
Red satchel bag - eBay
Doc Martens Serena 


Although autumn has come and gone, the outfits for the season are still relevant for winter! I'm not a huge fan of cold weather and I much prefer to be in the company of the sun, but I do like to layer clothing items together. It keeps me warm and it looks stylish. It's a win-win situation! :)

I'm usually drawn to warm colours so I love to wear anything that's burgundy coloured during this time of the year. It instantly perks up my mood and it makes me feel all cosy too (which is saying a lot as my fingers have turned into icicles). The colour scheme in my plaid shirt (it's only £19 from Monki!) complemented the burgundy snood completely too.

I wouldn't class this as a particularly 'feminine' or 'girly' outfit so heels were out of the question and were instead replaced with my comfortable Doc Martens. I bought the Serena pair from Amazon a few months ago and I absolutely love them. After reading a few forums, I thought it'd take around two months to wear the boots in but they were fine from the first time I wore them. I highly recommend them if you're in the market for a new pair of winter boots. I hope they last me a good few years!

There's only two teaching weeks left of my winter semester at university. It's scary and I strangely don't want it to end although I'm looking forward to getting the deadlines out of the way. What have you got planned this week?

Take care,

Shu :)

p.s. I made an 'Autumn/Fall Fashion Trends' video on my YouTube channel - it's embedded below if you're interested! :)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hello! I'm back... with ombré hair!


Long time no blog. I hope you've all been okay and hello to both my new followers and to those who are still here! Thanks so much for staying with me. I've missed you! I can't apologise enough for my absence on here but life got in the way. As cheesy at this sounds, writing is a passion of mine and I only wanted to blog if I truly felt like blogging. It's my final year at university (eek scary, i know) and to be perfectly honest with you all, I've been completely weighed down with writing and reading for my modules this semester! I didn't want to force myself to write just for the sake of updating this but I've found my mojo now (it was stuck head first in a mince pie) and I'm back! YouTube was my little escape from words and stress so if you fancy watching a few videos then please click here!

Left: what it looks like

Right: what I eventually want it to look like

Now, since the last time you've read a post from me... I've ombréd my hair. What do you think? I've wanted to dip-dye the ends for a while now and I finally did it with help from L'Oreal's Wild Ombres Preferences kit in no. 1 - light brown to dark brown hair. It was £6 from Superdrug and it was very straightforward and extremely easy to use.

The brush it came with was great and I've kept it for future hair dye jobs! It coated my hair with the right amount of product and it glided effortlessly through the ends without tangling it! A big thumbs up from me! I bought kit no. 1 for light brown to dark brown hair as I felt it fitted my hair colour closer than the other kits. As you can see in the picture, my hair lightened to a 'caramel/light brown' shade. It wasn't as light as I had hoped for but you can definitely tell that it's been lightened. I am slightly disappointed and I'm waiting to redo it once I've treated the ends to as many masks and treatments it could possibly want. I originally wanted caramel coloured ends as I loved the natural gradient and felt it was a subtle change without it being in your face. This would have been perfect but halfway through the processing time, I suddenly wanted MORE. Greedy, I know but I suddenly really wanted the ends to be blonde! I think the fumes may have something to do with that. Warning: it stinks. The kit is great but for those with dark hair like me, be warned that it won't deliver bright blonde ends! You may have to do it again.

I'm currently using Pro:Voke's Touch of Silver Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo. It's available from Boots for £3.09! It's early days yet but I do feel like it's helped with the colour! It's called a purple/silver shampoo as it contains violet pigments to help tone down brassiness found in blonde/grey hair. Now, this is essentially a toner so you're only meant to use it twice a week.. if you use it more than the recommended time, your hair may turn a faint shade of.. lilac. This sounds pretty cool to me but as I'm after blonde and not purple, I may have to opt out of it. If you've got blonde highlights and want a little 'pick me up', I really recommend this product. As my ends are a caramel shade and not strictly blonde, I'm not expecting miracles but I do feel like it's had a little boost since I've used it.

I'm contemplating either buying another one of these kits or a highlighting kit when it's time to redo my ends. Has anyone ombréd/dip dyed their hair and have some recommendations? I'd love to know!

Take care,

Shu :)
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