Friday, 17 August 2012

Dressin' Up A Shirt!

white dress: Primark
blue shirt: Next
blue wedges: H&M
brown belt: Primark
gold necklace: New Look


i did originally type out a post for these pictures and even published it but for some strange reason, blogger deleted it?! boo :( apologies if you've already seen this post! this outfit is part of my new 'how I style: summer daytime outfits part II' video. i had a dabble with the colour grading in the video and apparently i have magical powers?! i can switch from one outfit to another with just a click of a finger ;)! oh, the CHEESE. if you're interested, you can view it here. i actually entered the video for the 'dollybowbow awards contest' - i doubt i'll have a chance of winning but it's still a bit of fun, eh?! :) 

shirts aren't just for work or for wearing on its own - it's great for dressing up plain coloured vests or simple dresses to breathe new 'life' to it! the white cut-out dress adds a bit of extra femininity to the look whilst the brown belt helps to cinch in the waist and add structure to the body. that, and i LOVE waist belts. my sisters disagree though and there's always a collective moan of 'NOOOOO' whenever i step out with one. woooops. i love layering existing pieces of clothing in my wardrobe to create new outfits! look at me shopping my stash! :)

blue wedges match the outfit and are great alternatives to classic black heels or court shoes. they're also SO comfortable to walk in so it'll be fine during the day but not too casual for the evening either! i won't actually trip up in them, hooray!

it's my birthday meal tonight although it's not actually my birthday until sunday! i'm really looking forward to seeing everyone tonight. being the worrier that i am, i keep visualising 16 people all awkwardly looking in different directions throughout the meal, haha. i very much doubt that will happen though! i've been going on and on about how amazing the milkshakes are at this diner so i really hope they'll like it?! nothing worse than recommending something and having confused faces looking back at you! 

i still need to get ready and decide what to wear tonight! i may have to try and rope Jordan into taking outfit shots and film a 'get ready with me on my birthday' video! we'll see and hopefully that will be up tomorrow!

hope you're all having a lovely day and enjoying the sunshine!


  1. I have this dress :)! I love your wedges, I love wearing wedges because as you said I don't feel as precariously balanced haha! Have a lovely birthday and I'm sure the meal will go swimmingly :) I should be planning my dissertation today...! xx

    1. It's such a versatile dress and so cheap! yay! Hahaa yes - i've lost count the amount of times I fall over in heels although saying that, i do in flats too :( thank you so much and good luck with your dissertation! xx

  2. Gorgeous! You always have the best styling tips! <3 xoxo

  3. great video and so glad to have founmd your videos and blog! :D

    rebecca x

    1. thank you so much! i subscribed and followed yours - you have such great style! x

  4. Lovely outfit ;) I personally would probably go for a dress, that's teeny bit longer, otherwise I tend to not be able to relax and nervously check, if I'm by any chance not showing too much :D I love how it's still summer appropriate, but now overly exposed and it suits you very well


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