Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Life Through Instagram #1

(L-R) special server monkeys, rose gold 'arm candy', new rose gold watch, colossus at thorpe park, midnight shadow puppets, glitter nails, screenshot of a dur face, cinnamon pretzels drool, outfit post, hair out face, new purchases, new lens, toys from ikea, i have never seen a toy broccoli or carrot before so i had to get them - okay?, breakfast at ikea, cocktails, party rings, presents from my cousin in china, pineapple and my creation of spongebob, should i ombre my hair?, another dur face, surf and turf from an american diner, mint choc chip milkshake from there drool, bud wants food, bud wants food face.


i thought i'd jump onto the bandwagon and start doing these instagram posts! it's a good way of sharing recent images with you all (if you're interested) and also nice to look back on in a few months' time! i'm nosy and love looking at other people's posts too! the weather has been absolutely awful so outfit posts outside haven't been successful - it feels like it should be winter and words cannot explain how much i dislike autumn and winter. there's been weather warnings of floods etc, wah. rain and cold weather in general seriously affects my mood so i'm curled up in a jumper, PJ bottoms and socks as an attempt to feel warm! it's June, people! 

on a positive note, i've been reading, writing articles (little announcement in a few days time!) and been working out everyday for 3 weeks now?! this is usually completely unheard of from me - i'm a complete exercise phobe but surprisingly have been really determined with it recently. i'm even starting to - enjoy it?! it's made me think twice about what i'm eating too although saying that, i'm off to an American diner tomorrow to celebrate 2.5 years with Jord. cheesy and soppy i know, but i'm really looking forward to it! you can see the surf and turf meal with the mint choc chip milkshake in the picture above! droooool. there's nothing better than steak, scampi, PEPPERCORN SAUCE and that drink. i love anything to do with mint choc chip and they make it with icecream and chocolate bits and dovosjdovjsd. going to stop now. drooling. it can be my 'evening dinner' off then back to being healthy! :)

what have you guys been up to?! :)

ooh also, if you're interested in following me on Instagram, my username is 'dejashu'!
my twitter is www.twitter.com/dejashu if you want to follow me on there too. 

hope you're all well!

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