Friday, 15 June 2012

If I was a colour, I'd be a peachy pink

strapless top: new look
peach maxi skirt: new look
necklace: new look
wedges: new look 


is that sunshine in the background?! i know, i know. it's such a rarity these days so i quickly put on some summer clothes, filmed a video and took these photos to show you all! it's part of a 'summer fashion' series i'm doing on my YouTube channel with this particular one being focused on daytime outfits. 

i absolutely love the peachy pink colour of the skirt! if i ever was a colour, i certainly would not mind being this one - it actually makes me happy to look at it haha! the 'maxi' craze during summer has been around for years now. i remember seeing a picture of Nicole Richie wearing a maxi dress in a magazine article a few years ago and thinking 'eh?!' it was labelled 'bohemian fashion' and back then, it was a love or hate clothing item. it's now everywhere and i'm happy i've finally found a maxi dress and skirt that doesn't swamp me! new look and forever 21 have some fantastic ones in! :)

it's £15 from New Look and they have it in a dark green, blue, bright orange and purple. it's an absolute bargain although i'd recommend to a nude slip to be worn underneath it as it is quite sheer. this outfit is very simple as when it's boiling hot, the last thing you need/want is unnecessary jewellery and layers. the gold necklace just connects the top and bottoms together without feeling too much. the wedges match the skirt and are just beautiful! 

had an amazing night at the diner the other night - i took some photos so i shall upload them in the next few days! the food was absolutely amazing, ahhhhhh. 

hope you're all well!


  1. Such a perfect outfit, that skirt is gorgeous & suits you so well! This colour makes me happy too! xoxo

    1. Thank you!! :)
      It's such a good price too! We need more items with this colour on ;) xxx


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