Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I really like feathers

blouse: primark
jeans: primark
watch: ASOS (but bought on eBay)


excuse the changing lighting in these photos - this was taken on Monday during the crazy rain so my walls didn't quite know what to do. grey, white, cream and green (?!). cannot believe that some parts of England were flooded so badly - people who live near me were getting evacuated and fire engines had dingy boats attached to them! nature's free swimming pool, eh? shudders. 

i bought this blouse last year and kinda forgot about it! i do love it though - i absolutely love feathers, dreamcatchers and owls etc so i had to have this when i saw it. it's an interesting top and from far away, it looks a bit like a feathery paisley print which was 'in' at the time! the shoulder detail helps to balance out the body too. it was a comfort/casual day though so i just wore some blue jeans and tada! rose gold watch again - it has a new battery now, yay (thanks Pauleo!) 

i hope i haven't jinxed this but my hair has been in really good condition lately! it did have a 4 inch chop but it's already grown nearly an inch since?! it grows really quickly which is a blessing but then it means my fringe always grows out in around two weeks! i haven't straightened/put any products in it so that's it after a half hair dry - before, it looked like i rolled in hay. trying to not use heat unless it's for a special occasion or i'm really in a rush, seems to be working so far! yay for healthy hair :)

my skin has never been better either thanks to the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, 8 glasses of water a day and exercise! i did do the 30 day shred for a week but found an app that incorporates all of the exercises without the scariness of Jillian and her toned helpers! for anyone who has an iphone/ipad/mac/ipod - search 'daily abs workout' in the app store! you can get the free versions with around 10 exercises but i bought the 'daily workouts' app for my macbook pro which has the full version of the abs, legs, cardio, butt and arms as well as the choice to combine all of it for a 30min-60min workout! well worth the money and you really do feel it working! just a thought if anyone else was interested :D! abs are currently aching SO badly but i'm still determined muaha. now off for a treat for dinner then back to being good, i will mostly like be posting pictures of my food on instagram/twitter - 'prepares to drool' :)

what have you guys been up to? 

hope you're all well! :)


  1. I love that blouse, such beautiful colours! And you're watch is lovely, I really do need to invest in a good watch, mine is a little cheapy one but it does the trick! (: I tried the 30 day shred over Easter for a couple of weeks and really enjoyed it, although I was only youtubing it so never got to try the different levels, it was scary though, all she does is shout at you to give it more ENERGY! Ha (: xx

    1. thank you!! same haha although i can't bear to part away with £200 for one, haha! yes haha - your neck isn't invited to this party ;)! it's really cheap on amazon and well worth it :) xxx


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