Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Amazing American Diner Food :)

hello! :)

i thought i'd put up the 'american diner' post as the food, drinks and place is just too good not to share! it's called 'JB's Diner' and is situated opposite Brighton Pier. If you're ever near there, I highly recommend it! It has such a cheery atmosphere and it feels like you've 'transformed and gone back in time'. It's a quirky place with Elvis songs blasting out of the speakers and Tom and Jerry being played on vintage TV screens - amazing! 

we went there to celebrate being together for 2.5 years. bit of a cheeseball i know, but i think it's so important to celebrate things like this and to document it with pictures etc! sometimes when things become a bit too hectic and stressful, it's so lovely to look back on a special day :) cheeseball over. 

if there's one thing you MUST have, it's the milkshakes. DROOL. it's made with ice cream and they have so much choice when it comes to the flavour. as i'm obsessed with mint chocolate chip ANYTHING, i always order that. amazing, amazing, amazing. it comes with a separate glass so you essentially get 2 milkshakes for the price of one which you can take home afterwards! i ordered the 'surf and turf': steak, scampi, chips and i paid a bit extra to have peppercorn sauce! a proper man's meal, eh ;)? i love steak and i love peppercorn sauce so it's the perfect combo! the others ordered the classic chicken burger and foot long hotdog with grilled bacon on top! junk food galore but it was just for the night ;)

this is a bit of a different post but thought i'd show you if you were interested!
i'm going on holiday next sunday - would you like a 'what i'm packing/hand luggage' video/post?
let me know!

hope you're all having a lovely day :D

Sunday, 17 June 2012

i can resist everything except temptation

peplum top: topshop
faux leather shorts: forever 21
nude vectra slippers: topshop
hair with far too many shades of brown in: i grew it myself with the help of the sun


i am absolutely obsessed with this peplum top. before this, i never really liked them as i felt the shape of it was just... strange. i still don't like it in the peplum pencil dress form but as a top, holy moly. there's a black version of this and i want it too! it's very flattering, fits nicely and it's one of those tops that makes you feel like a lady. does that make any sense at all? it makes me want to drink tea out of cute teacups and tell people that i'd 'have to check my schedule' whilst attending important meetings. i look far too much into things and my imagination is just...  weird. i know Topshop have since released the cotton peplums but after seeing them in store, it's definitely worth paying a few more £££s for the polyester version. it's better quality and just looks better on :)

it's such a versatile piece and can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. dress it down with a pair of skinny jeans or a leather jacket, dress it up with a blazer and bodycon skirt or take it away from the traditional way of wearing it by pairing it with (faux) leather shorts! i feel like the shorts makes it look more youthful without looking... scandalous. the vectra slippers are just amazing with bare legs so just had to be worn! there's a good mixture of femininity and edginess in this outfit. 

i'll be on holiday this time in two weeks - i'm so excited but really need to start thinking about what to bring etc etc. there's wifi at the villa but i'm still unsure whether to bring my laptop or not! if i don't, i'll definitely be scheduling posts on here and will take some planned outfit shots before hand. maybe what i'm planning on wearing on holiday? let me know what you think! :)

this is random but for those into games, i really recommend the game naughty bear. my friend Beth recommended it to me and it's quite a surprise but highly amusing. basically, all the bears in the game have a birthday party but naughty bear isn't invited so this British narrator tells him to kill them all. i know. you go around their houses and have random weapons to hit the bears with - bits of fluff comes out of them and the music is all cheery like 'dadadadadoooo lalalalaa' with this British voice randomly shouting 'TOTAL DEFLUFFICATION!' i don't know - it's a good game for when you're stressed! it's amusing and not as deadly as it sounds. give it a try! currently watching my sister playing L.A Noire then back to article writing! :)

i hope you're all well and haven't been put off with the random 'naughty bear' input, haha.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

If you're happy and you know it...

maxi dress: forever 21
crochet waistcoat: primark
necklace: new look
plaited belt: primark
watch: asos (but bought on ASOS)
bracelet: h&m
wedges: new look


another summery outfit! this dress was amazingly good value from Forever 21 - it was only £12.75 and that was before student discount! i definitely recommend looking in there especially if you're unsure about maxi dresses and don't fancy paying 45+ for one! it has a pink slip underneath as the dress itself is a light chiffon material so it avoids any potentially awkward situations of 'i see london... i see france...' you know what i mean!

the crochet waistcoat is perfect for throwing on as it dresses it up, makes it look girly and it complements the colour too! i personally don't like wearing strapless items on their own very often so i feel this helps make me feel a little bit more covered on my top half too! 

the same jewellery and shoes... i added a brown plaited belt to add a bit more structure to the dress and to break up the block colour a bit more. the dress also has a slit down the leg and whilst it's very 'angelina jolie' - it's actually a really lovely feature. it's not scandalous and you don't feel like you're being swamped by the material either!

feeling very under the weather at the moment, wah. posts should still be regular though! something has majorly cheered me up though... i've reached 1000 subscribers on my YouTube channel! i still cannot believe it - that is a LOT of people and to think they they're subscribed to little ol' me... wowee! that is the only word to describe it right now! i cannot thank you all enough :) i'll end the cheese now but seriously, thank you!!!

i shall leave on a happy note and hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far!

Friday, 15 June 2012

If I was a colour, I'd be a peachy pink

strapless top: new look
peach maxi skirt: new look
necklace: new look
wedges: new look 


is that sunshine in the background?! i know, i know. it's such a rarity these days so i quickly put on some summer clothes, filmed a video and took these photos to show you all! it's part of a 'summer fashion' series i'm doing on my YouTube channel with this particular one being focused on daytime outfits. 

i absolutely love the peachy pink colour of the skirt! if i ever was a colour, i certainly would not mind being this one - it actually makes me happy to look at it haha! the 'maxi' craze during summer has been around for years now. i remember seeing a picture of Nicole Richie wearing a maxi dress in a magazine article a few years ago and thinking 'eh?!' it was labelled 'bohemian fashion' and back then, it was a love or hate clothing item. it's now everywhere and i'm happy i've finally found a maxi dress and skirt that doesn't swamp me! new look and forever 21 have some fantastic ones in! :)

it's £15 from New Look and they have it in a dark green, blue, bright orange and purple. it's an absolute bargain although i'd recommend to a nude slip to be worn underneath it as it is quite sheer. this outfit is very simple as when it's boiling hot, the last thing you need/want is unnecessary jewellery and layers. the gold necklace just connects the top and bottoms together without feeling too much. the wedges match the skirt and are just beautiful! 

had an amazing night at the diner the other night - i took some photos so i shall upload them in the next few days! the food was absolutely amazing, ahhhhhh. 

hope you're all well!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I really like feathers

blouse: primark
jeans: primark
watch: ASOS (but bought on eBay)


excuse the changing lighting in these photos - this was taken on Monday during the crazy rain so my walls didn't quite know what to do. grey, white, cream and green (?!). cannot believe that some parts of England were flooded so badly - people who live near me were getting evacuated and fire engines had dingy boats attached to them! nature's free swimming pool, eh? shudders. 

i bought this blouse last year and kinda forgot about it! i do love it though - i absolutely love feathers, dreamcatchers and owls etc so i had to have this when i saw it. it's an interesting top and from far away, it looks a bit like a feathery paisley print which was 'in' at the time! the shoulder detail helps to balance out the body too. it was a comfort/casual day though so i just wore some blue jeans and tada! rose gold watch again - it has a new battery now, yay (thanks Pauleo!) 

i hope i haven't jinxed this but my hair has been in really good condition lately! it did have a 4 inch chop but it's already grown nearly an inch since?! it grows really quickly which is a blessing but then it means my fringe always grows out in around two weeks! i haven't straightened/put any products in it so that's it after a half hair dry - before, it looked like i rolled in hay. trying to not use heat unless it's for a special occasion or i'm really in a rush, seems to be working so far! yay for healthy hair :)

my skin has never been better either thanks to the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, 8 glasses of water a day and exercise! i did do the 30 day shred for a week but found an app that incorporates all of the exercises without the scariness of Jillian and her toned helpers! for anyone who has an iphone/ipad/mac/ipod - search 'daily abs workout' in the app store! you can get the free versions with around 10 exercises but i bought the 'daily workouts' app for my macbook pro which has the full version of the abs, legs, cardio, butt and arms as well as the choice to combine all of it for a 30min-60min workout! well worth the money and you really do feel it working! just a thought if anyone else was interested :D! abs are currently aching SO badly but i'm still determined muaha. now off for a treat for dinner then back to being good, i will mostly like be posting pictures of my food on instagram/twitter - 'prepares to drool' :)

what have you guys been up to? 

hope you're all well! :)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Life Through Instagram #1

(L-R) special server monkeys, rose gold 'arm candy', new rose gold watch, colossus at thorpe park, midnight shadow puppets, glitter nails, screenshot of a dur face, cinnamon pretzels drool, outfit post, hair out face, new purchases, new lens, toys from ikea, i have never seen a toy broccoli or carrot before so i had to get them - okay?, breakfast at ikea, cocktails, party rings, presents from my cousin in china, pineapple and my creation of spongebob, should i ombre my hair?, another dur face, surf and turf from an american diner, mint choc chip milkshake from there drool, bud wants food, bud wants food face.


i thought i'd jump onto the bandwagon and start doing these instagram posts! it's a good way of sharing recent images with you all (if you're interested) and also nice to look back on in a few months' time! i'm nosy and love looking at other people's posts too! the weather has been absolutely awful so outfit posts outside haven't been successful - it feels like it should be winter and words cannot explain how much i dislike autumn and winter. there's been weather warnings of floods etc, wah. rain and cold weather in general seriously affects my mood so i'm curled up in a jumper, PJ bottoms and socks as an attempt to feel warm! it's June, people! 

on a positive note, i've been reading, writing articles (little announcement in a few days time!) and been working out everyday for 3 weeks now?! this is usually completely unheard of from me - i'm a complete exercise phobe but surprisingly have been really determined with it recently. i'm even starting to - enjoy it?! it's made me think twice about what i'm eating too although saying that, i'm off to an American diner tomorrow to celebrate 2.5 years with Jord. cheesy and soppy i know, but i'm really looking forward to it! you can see the surf and turf meal with the mint choc chip milkshake in the picture above! droooool. there's nothing better than steak, scampi, PEPPERCORN SAUCE and that drink. i love anything to do with mint choc chip and they make it with icecream and chocolate bits and dovosjdovjsd. going to stop now. drooling. it can be my 'evening dinner' off then back to being healthy! :)

what have you guys been up to?! :)

ooh also, if you're interested in following me on Instagram, my username is 'dejashu'!
my twitter is www.twitter.com/dejashu if you want to follow me on there too. 

hope you're all well!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Perfect Combo: Mint green, pastel pink and rose gold!

dress: h&m
shoes: primark
rose gold watch: ASOS (but bought on eBay)
rose gold bracelet: h&m


excuse the weird faces in these photos - it was taken during the gail force wind day so aside from some blooper shots of my hair practically flying towards the sky, these will have to do! a video clip was taken too for an upcoming video, cue a crazy dress flapping in the wind and Bud the dog looking very confused! 

the picture doesn't show exactly how beautiful the colour of this dress is. it's the most perfect mint green colour and the style is very 50s in my opinion. it's £19.99 from H&M which i think is an absolute bargain so if you get a chance, please see it for yourself in store. it's very beautiful and comes with a pastel pink belt. green and pink together is my all-time favourite colour combination so i just had to further match it with the pale pink mary-janes from Primark too! it's a very simple outfit and not a creative one at that, but i think based on the colour of the dress, the shape and the way it fits - it's better to keep it simple and to not overcomplicate it. after all, it's beautiful because it's so effortlessly simple yet feminine so why overpower it? 

keeping to the girly vibe, rose gold jewellery just HAD to be added in. okay, i admit that my obsession is growing beyond control but i think it complements the colour palette. i always feel grown up and 'professional' whenever i wear a watch, so a ROSE GOLD watch just takes it to a whole new level. it just turns it from being 'girly' to more stepping towards being ladylike! 

some crazy things are happening in my life right now - some very good (focus on this), some bad so i apologise in advance if you follow me on twitter if i appear to seem very ranty and >:(. i rarely moan/bitch on twitter but it does sometimes let off some steam. blogging has always been very therapeutic for me, even from a young age (does anyone remember livejournal?) i love concentrating on writing whenever i'm feeling stressed to the max, it distracts me and also is an outlet to calm me down. posts will still be regular but just wanted to say incase you were reading my tweets thinking 'what the-'. everything will be fine and dandy in a few days! :)

on a positive note, not long until i go on holiday - absolutely cannot wait! it's strange how flying to a different country can completely change your mood! are any of you going on holiday this summer? 

hope you're all okay :)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

LOOKBOOK: monochrome and lace

top: vintage
skirt: primark
belt: h&m
bag: eBay
alibi boots: topshop

another oldie! dip hems are huge this season and they've been in pretty much every high street store in a variety of colours, prints and textures. i'm still not sure on how i feel about those skirts/dresses with the short front and hem by the ankles. it looks absolutely amazing on some people but i'm too short to pull it off so voila! a skirt that stops at the knees :)

i love monochrome outfits in fact, neutrals are my comfort zone so i always find myself slipping back into it. the red satchel incorporates colour into it though! i'm now a maxi dress/skirt convert, i've finally found a few that don't swamp me or make me look like a witch! it's so floaty and i feel like i should be flying around in them (not on a broomstick)

counting down the days until my holiday, not long to go now! has anyone been to Valencia before? any particular sights/restaurants that we should go to?! i'll keep it a short post today ;)

hope you're all well!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

LOOKBOOK: I think there's enough pink

top: topshop
floral trousers: local shop in Brighton
pink blazer: h&m
gold necklace: topshop
dove grey (ROSE GOLD) bag: zara
brogues: primark


right, i apologise in advance but this is an oldie. i haven't magically grown my hair overnight and if you're subscribed to my YouTube channel - you might have seen this outfit already. i took an outfit post yesterday but found another two outfits lurking around so shall post them up first! hope you don't mind! these pictures remind me of Alice in Wonderland for some strange reason, i think it's all the pink going on (even though she mostly wore blue) with the hedges and flowers in the background too! it brings me back to those college days when i was Alice in my A-Level drama performance - i know, it was obviously my long blonde hair and fair skin that got the part, eh? 

i thought this was an outfit that can be worn by those who feel self conscious over the problem areas (legs, arms or thighs etc) as it covers them up but it's not overly frumpy. the mix of pastels and brights still make it feminine but toned down with the neutral bags and shoes. it'd be way too in your face/sickly sweet if everything was pink! other colours such as yellow, mint green, blue and lilac etc can be worn too! 

had such a relaxing week and have finally watched all the Marvel films - each film is amazing! the plot lines, actors and effects were all so good. i think Iron Man/Thor's my favourite though. what's yours?

have been healthy eating and been doing regular cardio/weight training for three weeks now but it doesn't seem to have done anything yet :( i'm such an impatient person and like instant results - patience, young grasshopper. have to plough through - my body feels a lot stronger now though! 

what have you been up to?
have you experienced the gail force wind in England?! :)

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