Sunday, 20 May 2012

Little Announcement: CUSTOM DOMAIN, YAY!

v-neck top: tesco
floral trousers: local
satchel camera bag: eBay
wedges: new look
necklace: h&m


first of all, in case you haven't noticed... i now have a custom domain! - yay! i feel like such a geek but i keep squealing (to myself) every time i see it. it just seems so professional, haha. i know it's not a blog with a big following, but it all feels so very fancy! it's not high-tech in terms of spewing out html codes etc but still, HOW COOL. 

"hello, do you have a blog?"

"why yes! it's!"

that's it! okay, i've just realised exactly how sad this makes me look! give it a few more days (weeks) and i'll slowly get used to it. how exciting though, huh? i honestly am procrastination queen. i have until tomorrow to type up another 1,500 words. wah. i keep telling myself that this time tomorrow, i'll be done. no more coursework until october so i just have to plough through! sociolinguistics zzz. i'm thinking of redesigning the blog header once i've completed the second year of university - any ideas?! Friends is currently on TV (the flashback episode) - i'm a bit strange, i have to always have something either playing on TV or on iTunes. i can't seem to work in silence?! anyone else the same? :)

wishing everyone with exams and coursework the very best of luck! for everyone else who doesn't have all this work - hope you're having an amazing day so far! i uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel the other day: the 10 Little Secrets Tag! for anyone else who's looking to procrastinate or just want to watch something with a cuppa, i'll embed the video below!


  1. Yay for a custom domain! I was super excited when I first got mine! xo

    1. Eeep, I feel so cool now that I have mine! Custom domain club, haha ;) xx


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