Wednesday, 30 May 2012

LOOKBOOK: Brighton Beach

dress/tunic: primark
black shorts: h&m
black belt: h&m
bag: eBay
nude studded vectra slippers: topshop
nails: china glaze in wicked style


i know, i know - it's a picture heavy post but i thought i'd share my day (last week) with you! the pictures are the epitome of summer to me and it makes me so happy whenever i look at them! speaking of summer, I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED THE SECOND YEAR OF UNIVERSITY. can i get a collective YAY?! it feels so good and i want to concentrate on finding a summer job and some more work experience for what i want to do later on in life! 

these pictures were taken last week at the start of the GREAT SUN WEEK of England. Jord and I strolled down to Brighton beach with my baby (that's my DSLR, i don't have a baby) to take a few photos and to just... enjoy nature and life! these were the results! now, i'm someone that takes a million and one photos at every opportunity, i didn't share all of them as your eyes would no doubt be bored but 12 is a good number, non? i absolutely love Brighton - in my personal opinion, it's the perfect city. the people there are lovely, open-minded and just HAPPY. i feel so blessed that i live so close to such an amazing place!

the outfit is very simple but i really love this dress/tunic from Primark! the small cut-outs and floral patterns in the top half makes it so feminine. it adds a twist to what would have been a boring basic. the shorts and black belt created a monochrome look (and also stopped me flashing poor unsuspecting passer-bys with that breeze). the red bag was the statement piece and the shoes are just, beautiful. welcome to my wardrobe, vectra slippers v2. I love them! 

i also made an outfit of the day video on my channel so i'll embed it before if you fancied watching it with a ... biscuit? piece of fruit? no biscuits for me. i'm back on a healthy eating kick and attempting the 30 Day Shred again. i shall let you know how i get on (but i give it another 3 days).

hope you're all having a lovely day, afternoon or evening! :)
p.s. did you like the photo of the pigeons enjoying starbucks? it made me chuckle!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Little Announcement: CUSTOM DOMAIN, YAY!

v-neck top: tesco
floral trousers: local
satchel camera bag: eBay
wedges: new look
necklace: h&m


first of all, in case you haven't noticed... i now have a custom domain! - yay! i feel like such a geek but i keep squealing (to myself) every time i see it. it just seems so professional, haha. i know it's not a blog with a big following, but it all feels so very fancy! it's not high-tech in terms of spewing out html codes etc but still, HOW COOL. 

"hello, do you have a blog?"

"why yes! it's!"

that's it! okay, i've just realised exactly how sad this makes me look! give it a few more days (weeks) and i'll slowly get used to it. how exciting though, huh? i honestly am procrastination queen. i have until tomorrow to type up another 1,500 words. wah. i keep telling myself that this time tomorrow, i'll be done. no more coursework until october so i just have to plough through! sociolinguistics zzz. i'm thinking of redesigning the blog header once i've completed the second year of university - any ideas?! Friends is currently on TV (the flashback episode) - i'm a bit strange, i have to always have something either playing on TV or on iTunes. i can't seem to work in silence?! anyone else the same? :)

wishing everyone with exams and coursework the very best of luck! for everyone else who doesn't have all this work - hope you're having an amazing day so far! i uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel the other day: the 10 Little Secrets Tag! for anyone else who's looking to procrastinate or just want to watch something with a cuppa, i'll embed the video below!

Friday, 18 May 2012

LOOKBOOK: must resist the packet of dipdab in front of me.

crochet black dress: primark
pink blazer: h&m
alibi ankle boots: topshop
aztec pattern rucksack: primark


i've missed blogging SO much and i'm so sorry that i haven't posted on here at all this month! i've been busy with university deadlines but two modules left and then i'll be free! scratch that, one week today and i'll be free! good luck to everyone else with their exams and coursework, we're all nearly there!

these photos were taken last month so they're really late (sorry!) but i thought i'd put them on here anyway! the next few outfit posts are actually featured in a 'spring/summer fashion trends' video over on my YouTube channel so you can watch it here if you fancy it! 

have just hopped off the train after a four hour journey to see that the lovely Jennie from has featured me in her 'five blog i love friday'! it put a HUGE smile on my face as i've been a fan of her blog and YouTube channel for a long time now! thank you so much <3!

how's everyone been? hello to my new followers (and those who have stayed on) too and thank you for clicking the little 'follow' button! i promise posts will be a lot more regular after next friday - i have a few reviews and outfit posts to put up! i treated myself to a new lens for my camera too so i can't wait to take some outfit photos with that to show you all :)

enough of the cheese, haha. 
let me know what you've all been up to :D

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