Tuesday, 3 January 2012

LOOKBOOK: Mission Impossible

Jacket - Topshop
Top - Topshop
Shorts - H&M
Boots - Boutique
Bag - Present
Nails - Collection 2000 Blue Hawaii and Technic Carnival


i'm on the roll with blogging right now although this is mainly due to me being the queen of procrastination and avoiding revision for my exam next week, oops. to celebrate Jord (the boyfy) installing his central locking system to his Austin Mini today (a clap and a dance for me as his Christmas present seems to have gone down well ;)) we decided to go for a drive and watch the new Mission Impossible film! i haven't watched any of them before but may start to after today! i absolutely love films to do with spies, quick thinking and on the spot plans so loved this one, definitely recommend it if you haven't seen it! i even played my 'spy music' playlist on the journey back. not sure if i should've included that embarrassing fact but i wonder if anyone else does this, listen to 'spy' music and pretend you're some amazing acrobatic and flexible ninja person. i do!

this was a 'throw the first things i find in my wardrobe on' type of outfit and i actually really like it! my hair was just shoved up as i was revising a few hours before we went out (see, i'm kinda a good student..) and for the first time in a long, long time.. my sisters even complimented me! usually, whenever i've got my hair shoved up and a quick outfit change, i get a 'the hairstyle doesn't really suit you.. and the outfit is alright..' when i ask for their opinions so i must've done something right today :)

i've got my all-time favourite bag with me and I'M SO HAPPY I'VE FINALLY GOT IT (thanks Jord eeeep)! this bag has been everywhere in the beauty/fashion blogging world and i've been lusting after this for the longest time. although it didn't cost a lot, being a poor student - i couldn't justify another bag as i have quite the collection now so imagine my happiness when he surprised me with this! it's just absolutely amazing and goes with everything, yayayay!

oooh also, the nails, the nails! i was meant to paint the rainbow glitter topcoat over my blue nails for New Year's but didn't have the time so did it whilst getting ready today! it's a dupe for the OPI Rainbow Collection polish from the Muppets holiday collection and purchased it from llymlrs. it's so beautiful and i can't stop staring at them! it did need about 4 coats to get it like this and the picture really does not do it justice but think sparkles. lots and lots of sparkles.

enough of the rambling and hope you like this post. i really am trying to aim for at least a blogpost a week, and a video a week (although YouTube will have to wait another week 'til i've got uni deadlines out of the way)! thanks lots to Jordan for always being the cameraman for my blog and YouTube, and for helping me out with editing today too!

hope you're all well!


  1. first of all-- thank you for your lovely words.
    second of all-- i LOVE your blog background, it is so very cute and i want it on notebooks and things.
    thirdly-- wow that nail varnish! it's like confetti exploded on your nails. it is so cute.


    1. sorry for the late reply! no problem, i'm so excited for you and can't wait to read about it (if you're blogging about it, that is!) thank you! i found it randomly on the internet and it makes me smile whenever i look at it! hehe, thank you! i'll do a blogpost on it soon but it's called 'Carnival' by a brand called Technic if you're interested! xxxx

  2. Super cute outfit and I love your boots! That bag is amazing, is it a real Rocco? I want one so badly :( x

    1. thank you so much!! haha, i wish but it's actually from eBay for about £34 (incl. postage & packaging)! pretty good dupe but i feel bad as it's fake! search 'celebrity studded bag' if you're interested! :) xxx


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