Saturday, 28 January 2012

Eye Makeup Routine & Mini Reviews

(From T-B, L-R) Urban Decay Naked Palette, Clinique Eye Palette (part of Clinique Bonus), No 7 Eyeshadow in Truffle, MAC Eyeshadow in Phloof!, Sleek Pout Polish in Sugar May, Sleek Storm Palette, L'Oreal Superliner, No 7 Extreme Length Mascara, Maybelline Falsies Waterproof Mascara, MAC 263 Small Angle Brush, Eco Tools Eyeshadow Brush, MAC 217 Blending Brush, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler


This is the current everyday eye makeup routine I've been following these past few weeks. Much like the previous foundation routine blogpost, it will also be a mini review of the products incase anyone was interested and wanted another opinion. It looks like a scary amount of products but I promise I'm not the type of girl to just 'cake everything on'. It's just individual eyeshadows within the palettes I use for days I want to make more of an effort than to just sport a no makeup face or just mascara. 

I forgot to include my eyeshadow primer in the photos but I use the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Absolutely have to use this if i'm going to be putting on eyeshadow as it creases within the hour without it. Putting this on as a base means it pretty much lasts throughout the day. It has a creamy consistency and dries clear. It also helps to make eyeshadows appear more vibrant.

To fill in my eyebrows, I use my MAC 263 Small Angle Brush (£16) with the matte brown eyeshadow in the Sleek Storm palette (£6.49) (2nd row, 5th eyeshadow). As I have dark hair, I've used a powder that is 1-2 shades lighter to make it look more natural. Not quite sure black caterpillars sitting on top of my eyes would be very flattering. The brush could also be used for gel liner too to create cat eye flicks at the end.

For my lid colour, I apply the champagne coloured eyeshadow from my Clinique Eye Palette (free as part of the Clinique Bonus promotion) with my EcoTools Eyeshadow Brush (£5.99) all over my lids. It helps to brighten up my eye area and also acts as the base. I then take the MAC 217 (£16) blending brush and apply the No 7 Eyeshadow in Truffle (£3 after £5 No 7 voucher) in my crease to create a slightly smokey look. I love this eyeshadow, it's a beautiful shimmery taupe colour and doesn't have any fall out. Blends well too! It's also great for a lazy day to just sweep it all over the lid and be done. I then take the 217 and Darkhorse (8th colour in Naked palette)  and apply it to the outer corners of my eyes to create slightly more dimension. I finish it off with blending Buck (5th eyeshadow in Naked palette) lightly above my crease to blend out any harsh edges. I try to use a mix of matte and shimmery eyeshadows as too much shimmer = disco ball. The Naked palette by Urban Decay (£35) is an amazing investment for anyone who uses neutral eyeshadows on a daily basis. It has a mix of very pigmented matte, satin and shimmery finish eyeshadows. The compact design means it's also perfect for travelling - I usually just pop it in my wash bag when i'm packing and every occasion is covered :). It also has a velvet lid and it feels nice to stroke, if you're into that, which i'm.. not. It's just so soft.. Ahem. I then apply MAC Phloof! (£12) to my inner corners just to make my eyes look bigger and brighter. I love saying the word, "phloof!' - it makes me so happy. It's not a powdery eyeshadow and it's beautiful as a highlight as it just 'glows'. Very pretty eyeshadow.

This step I sometimes leave as it does make the eyes look a lot more dramatic so if it's just uni, i'll skip it but if i'm going out then voila! I use the L'Oreal Superliner (£6.49) to create a thick flick at the end and extend it right into the inner corner of my eyes. It just helps to make my eyes look bigger and accentuate the almond shape of it. This lasts for the whole day and an affordable alternative to higher end liquid eyeliners. However, the best liquid liner is definitely the Illamasqua Precision Ink (£17) also and that's an amazing eye liner - it doesn't market it as waterproof but i've found that even if it rains (or someone has thrown a bucket of water onto your face, no idea why but they might), the eyeliner doesn't run or smudge. Definitely recommend it.

Curling Eyelashes and Mascara:
I finish the whole thing by curling my eyelashes with the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (£20) and use the Maybelline Falsies mascara (£7.99) to hold the curl. The Shu Uemura is the only eyelash curler I've tried that doesn't pinch your eyelids. I used to use one I found in Boots and it was agony if your eyelids got caught in it. Ouchy. This eyelash curler is especially popular in Asia as the design of it means it adapts to Asian eyes too. Yay! Maybelline Falsies is a good mascara if you want mostly volume and a bit of length. I like to layer mascaras so I use the No 7 Extreme Length (£12.50) mascara with it. This is a fairly new addition as it's actually my sister's but she never used it. If you were to use it by itself, you'd get length and a natural day-time look. I just layer it to give my lashes more length as they're asian lashes so that means it's severely lacking in the length department. Boo.

I obviously don't put this anywhere near my eyes, but thought I'd include a lip product. The Sleek Pout Polish Lip Conditioner in Sugar May has been a recent favourite. I forgot about it for a while and randomly found it in one of my bags and it's just a beautiful peachy colour. It has more of a lip gloss consistency but it's not sticky at all. As it's marketed as a lip conditioner, it is essentially a tinted lip balm. Upon application, it's just a sheer wash of colour but it can be built up for more of an intense lip colour. Don't wear this if you've got your hair down and it's windy outside. Walking with a heavy bag and plastic bags full of food with hair stuck to your lips is not a good look. It also gets you very annoyed very fast.

Phew! That's it.

 I don't do this every single day but if i'm wearing eyeshadow during the day, this tends to be the routine that I'd follow. It sounds like it takes forever but usually takes 10 minutes at the most. On other days, it's just no makeup or just mascara - it all depends on time and what TV show I've recently watched. Silly, isn't it? If it's just Gossip Girl or Vampire Diaries, I keep it quite tame but if it's the Kardashians, something about the show just makes me want to make myself look like a drag queen and make my eyes super smoky. TV has a bad influence on me and i've also realised how sad I now seem so I'll end this post!

Hope this super rambly post has been somewhat useful and you're all enjoying your weekend. It's meant to be snowing tomorrow and i'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't. I start my second semester of uni on Monday so I'd prefer not to be skidding and slipping all the way there. Wrap up warm :).

Hope you're all well!

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