Sunday, 2 December 2012

Autumn Outfit: Burgundy and Plaid Prints

 Plaid shirt - Monki
Faux leather shorts - Forever 21
Black tights - Primark
Burgundy snood - Primark
Red satchel bag - eBay
Doc Martens Serena 


Although autumn has come and gone, the outfits for the season are still relevant for winter! I'm not a huge fan of cold weather and I much prefer to be in the company of the sun, but I do like to layer clothing items together. It keeps me warm and it looks stylish. It's a win-win situation! :)

I'm usually drawn to warm colours so I love to wear anything that's burgundy coloured during this time of the year. It instantly perks up my mood and it makes me feel all cosy too (which is saying a lot as my fingers have turned into icicles). The colour scheme in my plaid shirt (it's only £19 from Monki!) complemented the burgundy snood completely too.

I wouldn't class this as a particularly 'feminine' or 'girly' outfit so heels were out of the question and were instead replaced with my comfortable Doc Martens. I bought the Serena pair from Amazon a few months ago and I absolutely love them. After reading a few forums, I thought it'd take around two months to wear the boots in but they were fine from the first time I wore them. I highly recommend them if you're in the market for a new pair of winter boots. I hope they last me a good few years!

There's only two teaching weeks left of my winter semester at university. It's scary and I strangely don't want it to end although I'm looking forward to getting the deadlines out of the way. What have you got planned this week?

Take care,

Shu :)

p.s. I made an 'Autumn/Fall Fashion Trends' video on my YouTube channel - it's embedded below if you're interested! :)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hello! I'm back... with ombré hair!


Long time no blog. I hope you've all been okay and hello to both my new followers and to those who are still here! Thanks so much for staying with me. I've missed you! I can't apologise enough for my absence on here but life got in the way. As cheesy at this sounds, writing is a passion of mine and I only wanted to blog if I truly felt like blogging. It's my final year at university (eek scary, i know) and to be perfectly honest with you all, I've been completely weighed down with writing and reading for my modules this semester! I didn't want to force myself to write just for the sake of updating this but I've found my mojo now (it was stuck head first in a mince pie) and I'm back! YouTube was my little escape from words and stress so if you fancy watching a few videos then please click here!

Left: what it looks like

Right: what I eventually want it to look like

Now, since the last time you've read a post from me... I've ombréd my hair. What do you think? I've wanted to dip-dye the ends for a while now and I finally did it with help from L'Oreal's Wild Ombres Preferences kit in no. 1 - light brown to dark brown hair. It was £6 from Superdrug and it was very straightforward and extremely easy to use.

The brush it came with was great and I've kept it for future hair dye jobs! It coated my hair with the right amount of product and it glided effortlessly through the ends without tangling it! A big thumbs up from me! I bought kit no. 1 for light brown to dark brown hair as I felt it fitted my hair colour closer than the other kits. As you can see in the picture, my hair lightened to a 'caramel/light brown' shade. It wasn't as light as I had hoped for but you can definitely tell that it's been lightened. I am slightly disappointed and I'm waiting to redo it once I've treated the ends to as many masks and treatments it could possibly want. I originally wanted caramel coloured ends as I loved the natural gradient and felt it was a subtle change without it being in your face. This would have been perfect but halfway through the processing time, I suddenly wanted MORE. Greedy, I know but I suddenly really wanted the ends to be blonde! I think the fumes may have something to do with that. Warning: it stinks. The kit is great but for those with dark hair like me, be warned that it won't deliver bright blonde ends! You may have to do it again.

I'm currently using Pro:Voke's Touch of Silver Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo. It's available from Boots for £3.09! It's early days yet but I do feel like it's helped with the colour! It's called a purple/silver shampoo as it contains violet pigments to help tone down brassiness found in blonde/grey hair. Now, this is essentially a toner so you're only meant to use it twice a week.. if you use it more than the recommended time, your hair may turn a faint shade of.. lilac. This sounds pretty cool to me but as I'm after blonde and not purple, I may have to opt out of it. If you've got blonde highlights and want a little 'pick me up', I really recommend this product. As my ends are a caramel shade and not strictly blonde, I'm not expecting miracles but I do feel like it's had a little boost since I've used it.

I'm contemplating either buying another one of these kits or a highlighting kit when it's time to redo my ends. Has anyone ombréd/dip dyed their hair and have some recommendations? I'd love to know!

Take care,

Shu :)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Harry Potter inspired outfit + recipe for homemade butterbeer!

shirt: h&m
tie: sister's tie but bought on eBay
cardigan: h&m
faux leather shorts: forever 21
very battered brogues: primark
hermione's wand: from hermione herself (not really, Harry Potter merchandise)


this is a v. late post but i thought i'd share it with you anyway in case any of you were Harry Potter fans! Jordan and his friend Ross perfected their homemade recipe for butterbeer and so when Jord asked if I wanted to make it too - the answer was obviously yes! if you didn't know - i'm a HUUUUGEEEE Harry Potter fan and have been since I was teeny tiny so anything Harry Potter related, i'll instantly love.

in the spirit of the occasion, i thought it'd be fun to come up with a Harry Potter inspired outfit to go with the drink too so voila! the tie and wand is actually my sister's but you can get them quite easily enough online! i was sorted into Gryffindor on Pottermore so naturally, the colour scheme had to be inspired by the house ;)

instead of wearing a traditional Oxford shirt and pleated school shirt, I chose to wear a lightweight cotton shirt with leather shorts. it's more modern and can be easily worn during the day time too (minus the tie and wand as you'd look as strange as I did strolling down the aisles of Tesco with them).  the leather shorts make it more interesting to look at too! i thought i'd better wear some black tights with them as it'd look too short and scandalous without especially with the schoolgirl get up. oo-er.

yes, the brogues are completely battered and worn out. it needs to be chucked but i thought it'd be so fitting with this outfit! the scuff marks are quite appropriate too as my school shoes from when i was little resembled these, woops!

now, moving on to the butterbeer (if you're interested). i've written the recipe below but if you'd prefer to watch a video, that's fine too! here's one I made earlier ;)

if you're interested in making butterbeer - all you need are four ingredients:

cream soda
butterscotch syrup
double cream/squirty cream 

you'll also need a whisk, pint glass (for effect muhaha), mixing bowls/measuring jugs and a microwave!

this receipe is enough to make 3 glasses worth of butterbeer so you can change the quantity of the ingredients depending on how much/little you need!

1. squeeze three spoonfuls of butterscotch syrup into your mixing bowl or measuring jug

2. add a small knob of butter into the jug

3. put the jug into the microwave for around 45 seconds or until it starts to bubble

4. pour in a whole tub of double cream in a separate bowl and whisk it until it's thickened up a tad

5. now, pour in 1/4 of the butterscotch mixture into each of the pint glasses. pour the remaining 1/4 of the mixture with the double cream. 

6. fill the glasses up with cream soda 

7. spoon the double cream onto the top of the drink and give it a stir (remember to give it a good stir as otherwise it'd be all lumpy and belughgh) 

8. tada!

let me know if you make this drink and what you think about it! :)

hope you enjoyed this post, it was only meant to be a bit of fun but hurrah for Harry Potter!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Exploring Milan!

hello! ciao! buongiòrno

i'm back from Milan! well, i got back around four days ago and i'm a little late posting this but don't worry, the excitement is still there. eeeeee! this is going to be a very picture heavy post and it's also heavily edited but i got a bit too excited about sharing these photos with you all. i really wanted to capture the magical feeling and atmosphere i got from exploring the city. it's truly beautiful and blends Italian history with the modern and rapidly growing age perfectly. i can't quite explain it but i truly recommend visiting Milan if you get the chance to. i have a feeling that this is going to be an incredibly looong post - if you're interested in travel and architecture then great! i hope this doesn't bore you - it's no secret that i ramble on a great deal.

first stop: Duomo di Milano

this was our main priority and we weren't disappointed! i'm incredibly in love with architecture (although i am by no means, an expert at all) and the grand designs that are translated from a creative mind to well, a physical building. the Duomo cathedral is absolutely breathtaking and i still get a little flutter in my stomach thinking about it. it's a cathedral but it's majestic and enchanting. the detail of it is incredible; the men and gargoyles are lifelike. 

the picture above is of me attempting to look through the misted windows. we decided to take the stairs to the terraces: there were only 250 steps, it was a great way of getting a true experience of the place instead of whizzing up by lift and let's face it, it was also 5 cheaper. every little counts! if you're claustrophobic, i'd avoid this as it's a very narrow and repetitive stairway. 

Duomo di Milano exterior. ahh, amazing! there are a lot of street vendors out by the square and they can get very persistent which ruins the whole experience slightly. they usually sell bracelets or food for pigeons. no matter how many times they walk up to you, talk to you, grab your hand or tell you something's free - don't listen unless you want to  part with your cash unwillingly. just tell them a firm no and walk off. the guys are harmless but can get very annoying!

Jordan took this when we were right at the top - we saw a load of people do it and naturally, we had to copy. this makes me smile as i had to keep popping my head out to see! look at the detailing of the arches!

more shots of the cathedral. i cannot stop staring at this photograph - i'm starting to sound repetitive but it's truly on another level. it's great that the architecture lives on for hundreds upon hundreds of years but it also makes me a little sad that we won't ever be able to recreate anything to this scale. it baffles me, technology is better than ever and we have a lot more resources compared to the ancient times but i don't ever see something like this being produced in the modern age. i completely understand that everyone's tastes are different - i just happen to love gothic architecture!

self-explanatory. i found the bikes to be extremely cute so... i took a picture of it.

as this is primarily a fashion blog, i better put a photograph of my outfit in ;) it was 36C and extremely hot. it probably wasn't a wise choice to wear black but the thin cotton material meant it was incredibly light and didn't cling on to my skin. the top is £16 from topshop. the skirt was a bargain and on sale at miss selfridges! it reminds me of ancient Chinese vases and has a lovely mixture of mint green, turquoise, blue and gold in. it was £12. my bag is by Longchamp and is the Le Pliage tote bag. belt is from Primark for £2.50! sunglasses are by Betsey Johnson :)

second stop: Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II 

this shopping arcade is magnificent. i'm poor so i could never afford anything from the designer shops although strangely, there is a McDonalds there. it does stand out when it's nestled in with Louis Vuitton and Prada but hey, people need their cheeseburgers. 

it does remind me of the structure of the Galerie Lafayette department store in Paris too - it's an absolute joy walking down this arcade! there's no harm in doing a little window shopping too, muhaha.

this isn't a photograph of the traditional bull's... balls but i wanted to share it with you anyway. i find it very amusing but strange at the same time. look at the intense look of PLEASURE on the bull's face *shivers*. in case you're wondering, i did spin on the other bull's testicles. it's a tradition in Milan to spin on it three times in order to bring the spinner good luck. i loved people watching too and seeing everyone just spin around and around! legend has it, it's the spot where the architect of the arcade fell and died. in order to not summon bad luck, spinning on the spot three times counteracts it!

this is a picture of me at the Duomo square/plaza. you can see more of my outfit here :)


we were boiling hot, parched and hungry so we didn't fancy trekking looking for a great place to eat like we normally would. instead, we went to a fast food pizza place and got two slices of pizza! ordering it was amusing to say the least, cue broken Italian with lots of hand movements. i followed the pronunciations and words in my Italian guide book but i was either very awful at it or the lady didn't hear me! an Italian slice of pizza equals three slices in the UK - we were stuffed and it was delicious!

it's true.

could i go to Italy and leave without having some ice cream? of course not. we ordered the 'grande' size and i had the passionfruit, peach and pistachio flavours! it wasn't the greatest mixture in the world but it was so, so, so good. so good. our heads were bigger than our stomachs though and we didn't manage to finish either of ours. boo.

finally, the man behind this. the person who made all of this happen! JORDAN! i'm unbelievably lucky and i still cannot believe that we jetted off to Milan and back this week. ahh! i've thanked him a million and ten times but i really wanted to take the chance to thank him again. it's the most thought out, memorable and special gift i could ever have imagined. it's not always about flashy presents or expensive jewellery and having this trip to represent my twentieth birthday was more than i could ever have asked for. i had a perfect day with perfect company! thank you so much 

if you made it all the way through this post with all the waffling then a huuuuge congratulations to you!  it's a very different post than what i'd usually write on this blog but aside from casual blogging, writing is a huge passion of mine and i love being able to express myself whenever i can! i truly hope you enjoyed it and i'd love to hear what you think if you've ever been/been somewhere else that's had an impact on you as this has had on me!

thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I'm Twenty!

moustache top: gift (but from missguided)
mint green shorts: primark
sunglasses: primark
bag: gift (but from ASOS)


this is the outfit i wore on the actual day of my birthday - it was a really lovely but humid day so i wanted to wear something nice and airy! the top was actually a gift from my sisters due to my love for moustaches (eh?!?!?!) - i LOVE it. it's extremely comfortable to wear too! i originally wore a pastel yellow shirt with it (outfit post coming soon), opened that and it spoke to me. i had to wear it! 

the mint green shorts were to brighten up the outfit as it is summer after all and the love for mint green continues! it's a very casual outfit but i spent all day going shopping and on Brighton pier so it seemed more appropriate! 

i absolutely LOVE the gold studded bag! it was a gift from Jordan's parents and it's so beautiful. i needed a new day bag so it's a welcome addition to my wardrobe!

do you see the AMAZING gingerbread man and cookie cake in the photo?! AHHHH. Jordan's mum made me it for my birthday and it was absolutely perfect! She's amazing :) I love looking at cakes but eating it sometimes gives me a bad tummy (too much info?) so this couldn't have been more spot on! It tasted delicious too, the cookies were still warm and chocolatey <3 

guess what... i'm going to MILAN tomorrow for the day! YES! Jordan booked us plane tickets to go as one of my birthday presents and i was in shock for a good few seconds when i opened up the envelope... i still can't quite believe it!!! i've been researching all the attractions, places to eat, metro information, Italian phrases and of course, places to shop for the last three days. i have to know every little detail because i'm strange like that including entrance fees and train times. it calms me down knowing that everything is organised and sorted. strange? yup! 

our flight's very early so it'll be an early night but i'm SOOOO excited! i feel so lucky! if you've ever been to Milan and have any recommendations or places we simply MUST go to - let me know in the comments below!

i'll post an outfit post hopefully the day after we come back!


Saturday, 18 August 2012

cut out all the ropes and let me fall

grey vest: h&m
leafy shorts: h&m
belt: h&m
alibi mid-ankle boots: topshop
rope necklace: primark
spike bracelet: topshop
brown stone ring: market stall
above the knuckle ring: topshop


so... this isn't the outfit i wore for my birthday meal but in fact, an outfit from my new video. as usual, i left too little time to get ready and had less than an hour to decide what to wear, do my hair and makeup etc etc and wasn't able to take a photo or video :( i may recreate the outfit just so i can show you though! in the end, i ended up wearing my sister's green dress. it's beautiful green backless number but there were three things very strange about it:

a) it's a size 6. i'm not a size 6 and very much far from it so ASOS sizing can be very, very, very generous. it just puzzled me greatly.

b) it's backless and i rarely wear things that are as i realllly do not like my back.

c) it was a shift dress that ended just above the knee. i also rarely wear shift dresses as it never does my arms any favours as it's usually quite tight around that region! i also hardly wear dresses/skirts that fall just above the knee - i'm very short and wearing a longer length dress often swamps the figure and in return, makes your legs look even more shorter. 

however, if there's one thing i learnt from it - it's to definitely try things outside of your comfort zone as you may be pleasantly surprised! now, this goes for everything not just for clothes as that'd be very shallow indeedy! thank you to my beeaaautiful little sister for lending me the dress! 

i had an AMAAAZING night although my suspicions were correct - the seating wasn't great! it was a looong table and it was difficult to talk to everybody throughout the night but i did try to swivel around to chat to everybody at some point! fingers crossed they enjoyed themselves and had a good night! the food was delicious as usual, the evening was hot (perhaps too humid = sticky sweat ew) and we all strolled up to the pier afterwards. it's making me :) as i'm thinking about it and i'm so grateful to everyone who made it! it's always the little things! with everything going on in life, you often lose contact/drift away from the people you love so i've always loved birthday meals as you get to see everybody again and catch up. my friends are a great bunch :) i also received some lovely cards and presents which i did not expect AT ALL - it made me all emotional and teary, haha. i am the epitome of female hormones. 

it's my birthday tomorrow and i'm feeling all raarghghh about it for some reason. fingers crossed it'll all go smoothly etc. i'm about to get ready to spend the evening with Jordan's family and my sisters. i didn't want to do anything major so i think we're all just chilling out with a takeaway and film - perfecto with lovely company the night before :)

feeling mellow today and am listening to Bon Iver (hence the blog title) and Daughter on repeat. i love sad songs a lot greater than happy songs - the lyrics just seem a lot more meaningful and realistic. it also relaxes you but makes you evaluate life and ponder. it may sound strange but i love it :)

what have you guys been up to?
sorry for the lengthy and rambly post!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Dressin' Up A Shirt!

white dress: Primark
blue shirt: Next
blue wedges: H&M
brown belt: Primark
gold necklace: New Look


i did originally type out a post for these pictures and even published it but for some strange reason, blogger deleted it?! boo :( apologies if you've already seen this post! this outfit is part of my new 'how I style: summer daytime outfits part II' video. i had a dabble with the colour grading in the video and apparently i have magical powers?! i can switch from one outfit to another with just a click of a finger ;)! oh, the CHEESE. if you're interested, you can view it here. i actually entered the video for the 'dollybowbow awards contest' - i doubt i'll have a chance of winning but it's still a bit of fun, eh?! :) 

shirts aren't just for work or for wearing on its own - it's great for dressing up plain coloured vests or simple dresses to breathe new 'life' to it! the white cut-out dress adds a bit of extra femininity to the look whilst the brown belt helps to cinch in the waist and add structure to the body. that, and i LOVE waist belts. my sisters disagree though and there's always a collective moan of 'NOOOOO' whenever i step out with one. woooops. i love layering existing pieces of clothing in my wardrobe to create new outfits! look at me shopping my stash! :)

blue wedges match the outfit and are great alternatives to classic black heels or court shoes. they're also SO comfortable to walk in so it'll be fine during the day but not too casual for the evening either! i won't actually trip up in them, hooray!

it's my birthday meal tonight although it's not actually my birthday until sunday! i'm really looking forward to seeing everyone tonight. being the worrier that i am, i keep visualising 16 people all awkwardly looking in different directions throughout the meal, haha. i very much doubt that will happen though! i've been going on and on about how amazing the milkshakes are at this diner so i really hope they'll like it?! nothing worse than recommending something and having confused faces looking back at you! 

i still need to get ready and decide what to wear tonight! i may have to try and rope Jordan into taking outfit shots and film a 'get ready with me on my birthday' video! we'll see and hopefully that will be up tomorrow!

hope you're all having a lovely day and enjoying the sunshine!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bohemian Vibes

top: primark
shorts: h&m
shoes: new look
ring: topshop
nails: barry m - mint green


back again with another outfit post - this is actually an outfit from a 'styling' video i filmed yesterday! i'm still undecided on the same but it'll most likely be called 'summer outfits part II'. i should get an award for such an original title, i know. not feeling too great today and blogging is definitely the best therapy - it's cheering me up as i type! :) hormones are a funny thing indeed!

i feel like there's a slight bohemian vibe with this outfit from the combination of burnt orange and the beige/brown/olive green leafy shorts. i've had these pieces for a while but never thought to wear them together and i do like the outcome. i love peter pan collars, they're just so... cute and girly. the little pearl buttons also adds a slight elegance to the top and it's a great transitional piece for autumn. just layer it off and away you go!

i love these shorts but they often have divided opinions - my little sister despises them. there's just something about flowy fabrics (especially chiffon) and printed bottoms that i can't get enough of. it's not the most flattering pair of shorts out there when it comes to the thighs but it's definitely high enough to cover the tummy area - the fabric just skims over the ghastly lumps (shudders) so it's lovely in that sense! i will always love nude heels - the best shoes out there for elongating the legs! 

i've been wearing my topshop knuckle ring every day since i've got it. cue the 'your ring doesn't quite fit you' jokes ;). it was only £1.50 in the sale, yippee! mint green nails too? perfect summer nails even if the weather doesn't look it! :)

if you're interested, i'll either link my new video in this post later on or just include it in tomorrow's post! :)

hope you're having a lovely day!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

GUESS WHO'S BACK... back again...

top: topshop
jacket: miss selfridge
trousers: local shop
studded vectra slippers: topshop
weird poses: my own


i'm back! so sorry for being out of the blogging loop and hello to my new followers! i promise to post more regularly now - please bear with me! i recently completed 60 articles (around 35,000 words) in a month for a new company launching next month (more on that next time!) and needed a mini break from writing. break over :)

 i'm so happy to announce that i'm now part of a new company called Team Noesis for their upcoming project (again, launching next month) The Buzz Thrill! i'm an online fashion reporter so i'll be writing articles and be filming videos for the website - i can't explain how happy i am and how much i love my job! the people are SO lovely and have made me feel extremely welcome.

these outfit pictures were taken a few weeks ago but i never got round to posting it *slaps hand*. it's not the most summery of outfits but if you've experienced British weather lately - it's appropriate for it! my sister and I studded the faux leather jacket a while back and I realllllly love studded... well, anything! it adds the perfect balance of luxury and 'edge' to the piece. black/nude with golden studs are amazing - rose gold ones are even better ;). it was a windy day with short bursts of sunshine so i decided to wear the blue floral trousers again a.k.a. my Aladdin trousers (although i don't think he'd be prancing around in them). strange weather doesn't always have to equal an all-black outfit - it's still technically summer so voila! i always get asked 'would you really wear baggy printed trousers in public?' yes! i LOVE them! it's effortless and changes up an otherwise dull and drab outfit. statement tops are great but it's always nice to wear the unexpected. it's definitely a marmite item. yes, it's different but different is good... right?

i've been uploading pretty regularly over on my fashion/beauty channel so if you're interested - feel free to check it out! i've also posted a few 'day in the life' montages over on my vlog channel too. aside from that, everything has calmed down this week and it's lovely to be able to sit down without feeling guilty for not writing articles 24/7!

it's also my birthday on sunday! i'll be turning 20 although strangely, i feel like i've been 20 for a looong time. you shouldn't wish your life away but i honestly cannot wait until i'm 21+. i LOVE celebrating other people's birthdays but weirdly, not my own - i really don't like all the fuss and hassle that comes with it. people expect you to have the 'best day ever with millions of plans'. i honestly don't mind just watching a film and eat good food with the people closest to me. saying that, it's my birthday meal on friday and i'm REALLY looking forward to seeing everyone! i'm also looking forward to steak and milkshake (see previous post) yummmmm.

i was originally going to film another 'summer style' video but looking at the weather outside - maybe not! rainy day outfits instead? ho hum. i'm really glad to be back and can't wait to post regularly again :)

what have you guys been up to?! :)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Amazing American Diner Food :)

hello! :)

i thought i'd put up the 'american diner' post as the food, drinks and place is just too good not to share! it's called 'JB's Diner' and is situated opposite Brighton Pier. If you're ever near there, I highly recommend it! It has such a cheery atmosphere and it feels like you've 'transformed and gone back in time'. It's a quirky place with Elvis songs blasting out of the speakers and Tom and Jerry being played on vintage TV screens - amazing! 

we went there to celebrate being together for 2.5 years. bit of a cheeseball i know, but i think it's so important to celebrate things like this and to document it with pictures etc! sometimes when things become a bit too hectic and stressful, it's so lovely to look back on a special day :) cheeseball over. 

if there's one thing you MUST have, it's the milkshakes. DROOL. it's made with ice cream and they have so much choice when it comes to the flavour. as i'm obsessed with mint chocolate chip ANYTHING, i always order that. amazing, amazing, amazing. it comes with a separate glass so you essentially get 2 milkshakes for the price of one which you can take home afterwards! i ordered the 'surf and turf': steak, scampi, chips and i paid a bit extra to have peppercorn sauce! a proper man's meal, eh ;)? i love steak and i love peppercorn sauce so it's the perfect combo! the others ordered the classic chicken burger and foot long hotdog with grilled bacon on top! junk food galore but it was just for the night ;)

this is a bit of a different post but thought i'd show you if you were interested!
i'm going on holiday next sunday - would you like a 'what i'm packing/hand luggage' video/post?
let me know!

hope you're all having a lovely day :D

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