Saturday, 27 August 2011

LOOKBOOK: oriental oversized shirt!

h&m - £15

just a quick outfit of the day, and a sneak peak on the video i'm working on right now! it's my first styling video and this time it's how i would style a blazer! hope you guys will enjoy it :)!

i lovee this top, but i think it's one that some people will like, and some people won't. my sisters certainly don't! it's so comfortable to wear as it's made with this silk-like material, and it makes me think that i'm a waitress at an oriental restaurant?! very fitting seeing as i used to be one!

i can only wear this with a waist belt though as it just swamps me otherwise, and looks like i'm wallowing in this pile of... wallowness. ehh?!

hope you're all well :)!


  1. Wow, you look gorgeous! I really want this! xxx

  2. ahh, thank you so much! this was bought a while ago but H&M/Primark/Topshop always produce variations of this :)! xxx


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