Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Trend: Coral Lipstick and Seasonless Clothing

haiiii beautiful people!

Just here to update you all on the articles recently published on the More! magazine website! It's been amazing so far, and I LOVE coming up with different ideas to do with fashion and beauty trends to share with all of you! Hopefully one day, this will come true and I'll also have a penthouse in New York and LA attending fashion shows and sending in my articles to Vogue... one can only dream! 

Read my first article introducing myself and experimenting with a few trends at once, here! You can find the article on seasonless clothing to last you throughout the year, here! Read about the current coral lips trend here!

I thought I'd include a few other pictures that I took alongside to the articles on here, and explain it a bit more.. so here goes!

White Aztec Sleeveless Shirt: Topshop (on sale) £12

High-Waisted Denim Shorts: Primark £10
Black Cardigan: Primark £12?
Shorts: H&M £19.99
Gold Sandals: New Look £19.99
Worker Lace Boots: Primark (on sale) £5
Lips: Benetint £24.50


Although I love season specific clothing, my bank account and I generally get on a lot better when I buy clothing to wear all year round. I don't mind this as I love thinking of other garments and accessories to pair it with to create an entirely new outfit! It's like giving the piece of clothing a makeover and thinking of different looks with the same blouse/top/knitwear/bottoms/pairs of shoes is lots of fun indeed :)! Ooh, and you can dress it up and down!

Plus, it technically saves you money to allow for more purchases, right? ;)

Onto the coral lips!

(From L-R: Sleek True Colour lipstick in Peaches & Cream, MAC lipstick in Ever Hip and Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Coral in Gold) 

A year ago, all my lips were interested in were nude lips and food. Now? It wants MORE: red, bright pink, coral and GREEN lipsick (okay, not the latter) but you get the point. At first, I was like "EHHH *panic panic panic*" and wasn't convinced that I could ever pull it off but baby steps later,  I now love it! I love it so much that I must have purchased over 12 lipsticks during these past few months.. *happy sigh*

Now it's (meant to be) summer, my skin is a lot more tanned and therefore corals and peach lipsticks suit me a lot more! It compliments the skin colour and I feel like it lifts my face without looking too done up - just right :). It's very easy to wear and makes me feel so summery just looking at the colour! In fact, I feel so summery.. tubs of ice cream follow me around literally begging me to eat them, and I'm not a rude person so you know.. I do.

What about you guys? Do you buy clothing to wear throughout different seasons? Do you like the coral lips trend? Let me know below :)!


  1. Is Coral In Gold more pigmented/creamy or on the shimmery sheerer side?

    1. so sorry for the late reply! it's very shimmery but is quite pigmented!


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