Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Mini MAC Haul!

haiii beautiful people!

Right, here's the thing... I'm meant to be on a clothing ban due to the amount of clothing I've accumulated over the past 2 months as a present to my wardrobe, however, my bank account and I are now not on speaking terms.. To make up for that, I decided to go on a clothing ban for 2 weeks, have a innsy-winsy small break and then another 2 weeks! It's now a month with no breaks. Why? I went to MAC.

I was just catching up on blogs (as you do) and came across the new Fashion Flower collection from MAC, "AHH! Ever Hip is being repromoted!" I squealed (silently as I don't think my sisters or Jordan would realise how amazing this is) and sub-consciously went to add it to my shopping cart - SOLD OUT. I then went onto the Debenhams website as they stock MAC - SOLD OUT. I thought it was fate so I had to leave it :(. I then went into town to meet a friend the next day and was a few hours early so my feet had a mind of their own and decided to walk (okay, run) to MAC.. YAY! They had plenty in stock! A little voice then told me that I needed a warm matte brown eyeshadow so Corduroy joined Ever Hip! A small pro palette was then justified as I didn't fancy paying an extra £2 for the eyeshadow that would be depotted anyway! I'm very pleased with my purchases but now on a longer ban :)! It was soo worth it.
Time for ze pictures :)!
(Corduroy eyeshadow - refill priced at £9.50 - purchase here)
(Ever Hip lipstick - priced at £13.50 - purchase here)

I absolutely love the addition of Corduroy but note that when layered, the colour comes out a lot darker than it looks!

Now.. time for me to depot my other eyeshadows :)

What make up purchases have you made recently? Are you checking out the Fashion Flower collection? Let me know below :)!

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