Sunday, 10 July 2011

How To: Achieve Voluminous Messy/Beachy Curls with a Straightener!

hallloo beautiful people!

I LOVE having messy curls for the summer, it just looks so beachy yet 'glamorous' enough to go out in without looking too done up! I feel like it adds that perfect touch to any outfit to dress it up a bit and make it look overall a bit more feminine!

Now, styling your hair into curls on the day you've got freshly washed hair can be problematic, the curls usually drop out a bit so if you've got proper curls, it may look a bit ... *insert thumbs down*. But by using this method, it means that even if the curls drop, it still looks lovely and creates looser beachy waves :)! Just blitz it with texture spray and you're good to go!

PLUS, the second day curls look even more volumised! I think it's because of the products combined with bed hair to make it look even more.. VA VA VOOOOM. Try it, and hope you like it :)!

I'll insert some posey photos now to give you an idea of what it looks like.. check out the video to see how to achieve this style :)!

... and finally, my human monkey face :)

hope you're all having a lovely day, afternoon or evening!

take care! x

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