Sunday, 9 January 2011

topshop dresses wishlist - january 2010

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

my favourite things to wear are dresses. so simple, just sling in on, add a cardigan (woollen cable knit ones for me in this weather - brr) and an optional waist belt and i'm good to go! i'm slowly going towards the top and jeans combination (i recently bought my first pair of jeans in 3 years, so proud) but they won't be the first things i'll click on when i'm browsing Topshop's website anytime soon!

i've now grown into the habit of going onto the website whenever i'm bored (thanks to my little sis, who goes on it 5x a day, i swear!) and always check the 'new in' tab, or look at my favourite garments over and over again. being a uni student living in London means that most of my student loan and personal savings goes towards things like rent and food etc. but it doesn't stop me from lusting after these items! who knows.. i may treat myself to a dress, or three..

the first dress wouldn't usually be the immediate thing i'd pick out, and that's due to the polka dot pattern.  something about this makes me smile though, whether it's the neutral colour, to the cute collar or maybe the 50's vibe that it gives out.. i want to pair it with a head of curls, some cute pumps and a daisy filled field spinning around and around in the sunshine..

i have a lot of white/cream dresses already but my mind still tries to justify this one, "it has embroidered mesh detailing around the neck", "it's flattering" and "there are tiny flowers on it"! i'd keep it simple with nude pumps/mary jane flats with a beige cardigan and a floral headband! much like the one i recently bought in Primark that i've yet to blog about..

with the third tea dress, the sleeves and the waist detail just made me envision images of this going in in all the right places, a figure-hugging dress - always good. it wouldn't be the first thing i'd pounce on though, but i thought it was worth a mention :)

the fourth and sixth are basically the same but i can't stop clicking on them to look at. i love floral patterns and there's something about this that would fit in on a hot summer's day in Spain, Italy or France.. i'd wear the fourth one with a curly loose updo with a thick bow headband. i keep conjuring summer outfits in my mind, i really dislike the winter! to make it a bit more suitable for this weather, woollen tights (i'm really into grey ribbed ones at the moment) and a cable knit cardigan will have to do!

i fell in love with the fifth dress, there's a grecian feel about this and it just looks so elegant to me. everything from the cornelli trim details, to the colour, to the material to the fact that it's cinched in at the waist just made my tummy squeal a little bit with excitement. at the price-tag of £75 though, i don't think it'll be in my wardrobe anytime soon.. sighs. 

what's on your wishlist at the moment?
do you like these kind of posts?

hope you're all well! x


  1. Hey! I just subscribed to your new youtube account (I'm VintageNovateur) and I decided to check out your blog. I also will be uploading videos soon so please subscribe to my channel, and please follow my blog:
    Btw, I loved these dresses, topshop is fabulous!

  2. hallloo!

    thank you so much, i really do appreciate it :)! i will be subscribing to both, yay! keep in touch?! and ahh, aren't they just?! wish i had the money for them, haha!


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