Sunday, 16 January 2011

peterpan invasion

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halloo there, beautiful people!

this post is about a new favourite of mine! like them or not, i don't think peter pan collared themed clothing are going to go any time soon! every high street store i've popped into this week have had at least one top gracing this beauty :)

there are good and bad points to this style however:

this style is adorable whilst maintaining a sense of femininity at the same time. it's different and i like how the collar is the statement, so it's not necessary to wear necklaces and earrings to make it stand out. of course, do so if you wish :)! for me personally, it makes me nostalgic from when i was a child as these collars are on a lot of children's clothing!

i really love how you can dress this up or down.
it can be appropriate for day wear with some shorts, tights and a cardigan or blazer. change it up for the evening with a black skirt (e.g. high-waisted). 

although this makes me nostalgic, it also reminds me of school uniforms with the buttons and collar. it can be a little bit too formal looking. i purchased the top from topshop today (3rd top, top row) and although i fell in love with the collar, the style and the way it felt on my skin when i tried it on - i couldn't help but think that i looked either like a waitress or a primary school student. sad face. i shall be returning this :(

i think it's important not to overdo it, let the collar do the talking!
haha, that is so cheesy now i'm reading that back but i'll keep it in anyway! keep it simple with minimal accessories unless you don't want to, of course!

what are your thoughts? do you like peter pan collars?

p.s. the 6th picture is actually a maternity top from Topshop, it's currently in the sales! i can't wear it obviously but i really loved the style :)

hope you're all well!

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