Thursday, 20 January 2011

let's do this: running!

halloo beautiful people!

we've heard it all before, "my new year's resolution is to lose weight/keep fit/do more exercise" and how many of us actually end up nearly giving up after a few weeks? *raises hand*

i started on the 30 day shred and was nearly on the second level before uni deadlines came round, and i decided to spend all of my time on that instead. now, i'm determined to get back on track! thankfully, i've still been eating healthily since new year's, and trying to swap fizzy drinks and biscuits with water and fruit! it's going well :)

to try and go that one step further, Jordan encouraged me to take up running - and he'd join me also. i made my excuses, "i don't have the right gear", "i'm not going shopping anytime soon to get them.." to "but everyone will laugh at me". through the beauties of sales and online shopping, he soon resolved those issues and motivated me to give it a try. a few miles just to get my heart pumping and to release endorphins after the running.. it'll be good for me, right?! after further research on the internet, cardio is indeed one of the best ways of keeping fit. hopefully, the gear purchased will arrive in time while i'm still in this mindset! hooray!

here's what i purchased at very cheap prices!

1, 2, 3

click on the links if you're interested, and they can be purchased from Sports Direct :) they're very inexpensive products as i don't want to spend a lot of money on them, only to give up after a few tries! hopefully i won't though ;)!

do any of you guys run for fun?
what are your thoughts on it?

hope you're all well! x

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