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Initial Review: Bulgarian White Rose Mask (My Beauty Diary)

hallloo beautiful people!

this is a review of the 'bulgarian white rose mask' from 'my beauty diary', a company from Taiwan. this is my first review! i'll be going in-depth with what the company states, how to use the mask and my initial thoughts!

(packet of the mask)

what they say:

this face mask is part of the natural key line with 'effective nourishing extracts from nature' to 'meet the needs of facing varieties of challenges under different circumstances and weather conditions'.

it 'offers radiance with translucent, glowing look of skin by its softening effect. moisturising, smoothing, firming. for use on normal skin, especially recommended for dull skin lacking radiance.'

the main ingredients are:

bulgarian rose hydrosol which soothes, refreshes and moisturises.
liquorice and kiwi which whitens skin.
aloe and cucumber which calms and smooths skin as well as moisturise.

how to use this product:

this mask comes with a plastic layer when you first remove it from the packet which protects the cotton from ripping. there is a lot of product packed into this mask and it's quite runny, but it won't drip onto you. when you put it on, it has a slight cooling effect so it's very refreshing. it's great for when you come out the shower, in the bath or on a hot summer's day! you're meant to use it after cleansing and leave it on for approx. 20-30 minutes, i left it on for 45 simply because of the amount of 'essence' in this mask. i use my hands to pat the mask onto the face to ensure that it's on properly and that my skin is drinking it all up! you'll feel the mask dry up after a period of time and then peel away!

you don't need to wash it off after, but massage the residue gently into your face and neck. continue with your usual moisturiser (i'm trying Laneige Water Sleeping Pack exp at the moment, amazing!)

my thoughts:

after i massaged what was left of the mask into my skin, i noticed an immediate glowy and bright complexion. i felt my skin after it was properly absorbed, and oh my, it was sososo smooth! my pores seemed to have shrunk too and gave me an even skin tone. it's left my skin feeling supple, soft and hydrated. it has a slight hint of a rose scent which isn't overpowering and actually very calming and lovely.

beware: SCARY PHOTOS!!

1) with the mask on. it makes my face look so long, not the most flattering photo, haha! the shape was generally a bit big for me but meant that most areas of my face was well moisturised :)

2) the mask after. it collected up dirt and remains of my make up. eww.

1) my face after the mask. as you can see, it's glowing and the skin tone is more even! please excuse these photos, no make up was worn and had a tiring day!

2) ehe..

definitely will repurchase! i will be trying this a few more times to properly review it :)! you can buy samples of 2 off ebay, or a pack of 10 from yesstyle. in my case, i will be asking my mumma to kindly purchase some more when she goes on holiday next month ;)!

product website:

have you ever tried this product? if so, what are your thoughts on it? if not, will you be trying this? please leave any feedback in the comment box below :)

hope you're all well! x

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  1. One of my favorite mask, it is truely refreshing and make my face glow for few days :)
    Read my review ;


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