Saturday, 8 January 2011



my name's Shu. well, my full name is Shu Shi. yep, it's basically 'sushi' with an extra 'h' and pronounced 'shoe she'! nice to meet you (if anyone is actually reading this, ehe).
this is my first post on this blog! i've had several before but this year, i'm determined to update regularly etc so wanted to start fresh! i make videos on youtube under the username, 'shulikesclothes' (haha, so original ;)). i've got two other channels, 'letsnomfashion' and 'dejashu'. one was my old fashion/beauty channel which mainly consisted of collective hauls and outfit of the days. after a while, i grew tired of the name incase people expected me to be an expert at fashion (which i'm not) and i wouldn't live up to it, haha!

the other is a vlog channel where i upload random trips, and times where i'm just in a ridiculously good mood and want to share it with the internet! subscribe if you're interested!

i want this channel to be concentrated on hauls, outfit of the days, reviews and posts on different styles etc! hopefully all will go well and i'm inviting all of you to join me on this adventure!

off i go to do the 30 day shred, shower, get ready, film a few videos then head off out! :)

hope you're all well! x

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