Saturday, 27 August 2011

LOOKBOOK: oriental oversized shirt!

h&m - £15

just a quick outfit of the day, and a sneak peak on the video i'm working on right now! it's my first styling video and this time it's how i would style a blazer! hope you guys will enjoy it :)!

i lovee this top, but i think it's one that some people will like, and some people won't. my sisters certainly don't! it's so comfortable to wear as it's made with this silk-like material, and it makes me think that i'm a waitress at an oriental restaurant?! very fitting seeing as i used to be one!

i can only wear this with a waist belt though as it just swamps me otherwise, and looks like i'm wallowing in this pile of... wallowness. ehh?!

hope you're all well :)!

Friday, 26 August 2011

blazer and pretty dungarees

dungarees - topshop
blazer - H&M
scoop neck vest - primark 

haii beautiful people,

 haven't worn this playsuit/pair of dungarees in ages and ages - got this when Topshop had their winter student 20% sale, yippee! i love the material of it, the pattern and just how statement it is. it strangely reminds me of Harry Potter though, not sure why but i won't complain :)

decided to dress it up with a blazer - it makes it look a lot smarter as the blazer's fitted compared to an oversized cardigan! was a beautiful day and Jordan didn't mind being my photographer, thank you!

thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Trend: Coral Lipstick and Seasonless Clothing

haiiii beautiful people!

Just here to update you all on the articles recently published on the More! magazine website! It's been amazing so far, and I LOVE coming up with different ideas to do with fashion and beauty trends to share with all of you! Hopefully one day, this will come true and I'll also have a penthouse in New York and LA attending fashion shows and sending in my articles to Vogue... one can only dream! 

Read my first article introducing myself and experimenting with a few trends at once, here! You can find the article on seasonless clothing to last you throughout the year, here! Read about the current coral lips trend here!

I thought I'd include a few other pictures that I took alongside to the articles on here, and explain it a bit more.. so here goes!

White Aztec Sleeveless Shirt: Topshop (on sale) £12

High-Waisted Denim Shorts: Primark £10
Black Cardigan: Primark £12?
Shorts: H&M £19.99
Gold Sandals: New Look £19.99
Worker Lace Boots: Primark (on sale) £5
Lips: Benetint £24.50


Although I love season specific clothing, my bank account and I generally get on a lot better when I buy clothing to wear all year round. I don't mind this as I love thinking of other garments and accessories to pair it with to create an entirely new outfit! It's like giving the piece of clothing a makeover and thinking of different looks with the same blouse/top/knitwear/bottoms/pairs of shoes is lots of fun indeed :)! Ooh, and you can dress it up and down!

Plus, it technically saves you money to allow for more purchases, right? ;)

Onto the coral lips!

(From L-R: Sleek True Colour lipstick in Peaches & Cream, MAC lipstick in Ever Hip and Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Coral in Gold) 

A year ago, all my lips were interested in were nude lips and food. Now? It wants MORE: red, bright pink, coral and GREEN lipsick (okay, not the latter) but you get the point. At first, I was like "EHHH *panic panic panic*" and wasn't convinced that I could ever pull it off but baby steps later,  I now love it! I love it so much that I must have purchased over 12 lipsticks during these past few months.. *happy sigh*

Now it's (meant to be) summer, my skin is a lot more tanned and therefore corals and peach lipsticks suit me a lot more! It compliments the skin colour and I feel like it lifts my face without looking too done up - just right :). It's very easy to wear and makes me feel so summery just looking at the colour! In fact, I feel so summery.. tubs of ice cream follow me around literally begging me to eat them, and I'm not a rude person so you know.. I do.

What about you guys? Do you buy clothing to wear throughout different seasons? Do you like the coral lips trend? Let me know below :)!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Mini MAC Haul!

haiii beautiful people!

Right, here's the thing... I'm meant to be on a clothing ban due to the amount of clothing I've accumulated over the past 2 months as a present to my wardrobe, however, my bank account and I are now not on speaking terms.. To make up for that, I decided to go on a clothing ban for 2 weeks, have a innsy-winsy small break and then another 2 weeks! It's now a month with no breaks. Why? I went to MAC.

I was just catching up on blogs (as you do) and came across the new Fashion Flower collection from MAC, "AHH! Ever Hip is being repromoted!" I squealed (silently as I don't think my sisters or Jordan would realise how amazing this is) and sub-consciously went to add it to my shopping cart - SOLD OUT. I then went onto the Debenhams website as they stock MAC - SOLD OUT. I thought it was fate so I had to leave it :(. I then went into town to meet a friend the next day and was a few hours early so my feet had a mind of their own and decided to walk (okay, run) to MAC.. YAY! They had plenty in stock! A little voice then told me that I needed a warm matte brown eyeshadow so Corduroy joined Ever Hip! A small pro palette was then justified as I didn't fancy paying an extra £2 for the eyeshadow that would be depotted anyway! I'm very pleased with my purchases but now on a longer ban :)! It was soo worth it.
Time for ze pictures :)!
(Corduroy eyeshadow - refill priced at £9.50 - purchase here)
(Ever Hip lipstick - priced at £13.50 - purchase here)

I absolutely love the addition of Corduroy but note that when layered, the colour comes out a lot darker than it looks!

Now.. time for me to depot my other eyeshadows :)

What make up purchases have you made recently? Are you checking out the Fashion Flower collection? Let me know below :)!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Review: CHANEL Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Fluid

haiii beautiful people,

        I love a dewy finish on the skin whether it's achieved from a foundation, blush or highlighter - a product that makes my face glow makes me squeal with excitement like this.. EEEEEE. Chanel foundations and the Soleil Tan De Chanel (previously known as the 'Bronze Universal') have recently been very popular in the beauty community and although I don't wear foundation everyday, I couldn't help but be lured into all the hype..

        So off I trotted to Boots with the intention of purchasing the Soleil Tan De Chanel first as I felt the product seemed more versatile than the foundation - unfortunately, it was sold out :( but the very lovely make up artist lady offered to test both products on me for future reference. When I saw the foundation on my skin after, I was amazed. The formula is light and as the name suggests, offers a satin finish. My skin looked flawless, dewy, natural and healthy! Now, I wouldn't say that my skin is in a bad condition to start with but this foundation makes it look.. wow.
       She then tried the Bronze Universal on me, and both products work hand in hand with each other but she did assure me that the foundation could be layered to contour the cheek.

 (I am in the shade Hale (60) and skin colour difference was due to lighting, hehe)

       However, I would say this foundation offers a light to medium coverage so you would need to have pretty good skin to be able to wear this as it wouldn't cover blemishes too well. Those with oily skin also may not get on so well with this foundation as it is very moisturising although a setting powder could be used! This product also has an SPF of 15, but for the price, I'd expect so :)! SPF in foundations are usually flash photography's worst enemy as it turns the skin into a white cast - however, this photographs well and does not have this problem. It also has an amazing scent - floral, sweet and feminine.

       I absolutely love this foundation and would repurchase (once I have more pennies in the bank boohoo), although I'm eyeing up Aqua Vitalumiere and the Soleil Tan De Chanel too, uh oh! I would recommend it to those with dry to combination skin, and those who do not require full coverage on their skin :)!

       If you're interested in this foundation, you can purchase it here and here for £33! Have you tried this foundation or any of those offered by Chanel? What's your favourite? Let me know below! :)

hope you're all having a lovely morning, afternoon or evening! x

Sunday, 10 July 2011

How To: Achieve Voluminous Messy/Beachy Curls with a Straightener!

hallloo beautiful people!

I LOVE having messy curls for the summer, it just looks so beachy yet 'glamorous' enough to go out in without looking too done up! I feel like it adds that perfect touch to any outfit to dress it up a bit and make it look overall a bit more feminine!

Now, styling your hair into curls on the day you've got freshly washed hair can be problematic, the curls usually drop out a bit so if you've got proper curls, it may look a bit ... *insert thumbs down*. But by using this method, it means that even if the curls drop, it still looks lovely and creates looser beachy waves :)! Just blitz it with texture spray and you're good to go!

PLUS, the second day curls look even more volumised! I think it's because of the products combined with bed hair to make it look even more.. VA VA VOOOOM. Try it, and hope you like it :)!

I'll insert some posey photos now to give you an idea of what it looks like.. check out the video to see how to achieve this style :)!

... and finally, my human monkey face :)

hope you're all having a lovely day, afternoon or evening!

take care! x

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Outfit of the Day: Corals by the Sea

Haiii beautiful people!

Back again with an outfit of the day! My sister, Jordan and I went to enjoy Mr. Sunshine at the beach the other day, I haven't been to that particular beach in YEARRSSS and it was just really lovely to enjoy some food (ahem.. chicken burger) and a stroll along the seaside :)! As I had my camera, I decided to film a quick outfit of the day although my outfit wasn't particularly creative but heyho, corals and the beach equals DOUBLE TAN. Corals and peach coloured clothes/blush/lipstick can make you look so much more tanned, healthy and really brighten your skin-tone so yayayay!!

It was a bit awkward at first, cue a lot of old people walking past with puzzling looks on their face whilst i'm trying to pose.. contrary to the photos on this blog, i don't like posing all 'properly' in the first place so when a few dozen people walk past whilst my hands are on my hips - It makes me nervous haha! I ended up giving up and was dancing silly, and posing silly instead - now THAT I was fine with! I have no problem doing the funky chicken, superman pose and funny dance moves - I LOVEEE it in fact :D!

Enough rambling though, let's get on with the photos!

Bracelet: made from various beads at a shop in Arundel
Pandora Bracelet: '18' birthday charm and 'everlasting hearts' charm 
Sandals: New Look (from ages ago) £19.99
Playsuit: H&M £14.99
Bag: Primark £6

and some silly photos!

and here's the video below :)

hope you enjoy it and you're all having a wonderful morning, afternoon or evening! x

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Outfit of The Day: Batwings & Florals (28th June 2011)

 halloo beautiful people!

I really need to update this blog more.. I absolutely love blogging so i have no idea why i don't! Eeeeek, this actually leads swiftly on to the fact that i've been chosen to be one of More! magazine's 10 mini bloggers! AHHHH!!! I'm going to focus on fashion and beauty and it's such an amazing opportunity! So excited :D!

I'll post tomorrow with the link and it'd mean the world to me if you could comment either on here or the website with your feedback <3! EEEEEEE :D!

Anyway, back onto the topic.. I'm back with an outfit of the day post! the photos are super posey I know, but eh... filming the outfit of the day is even harder! I gave up and ended up doing silly dance moves instead! Hey, I can bust some moves ;)! Hope you like the outfit and thank you always for your support <3!
and the link to the video:

and my thank you video to you guys <3 :)!

hope you're having a fabulous morning, afternoon or evening!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

new hair!

haaiii everybody!

i'm back, with a new hairstyle - yippee! i have blonde, caramel and browny red highlights all throughout and some layers chopped back in! i had a similar hairstyle a year ago but i couldn't be bothered to go to the hairdressers decided to let it grow out.. including the colour that i had before so the natural black was on top and brown at the bottom - some people thought i did it on purpose and 'ombre-d' it.. i love it so much and have bought a ton of hair products to add to my already mahooosive collection - needed though, right?! that'll be in a separate blogpost or video :)

onto the pictures.. time for the vain side to show..

the bottom half of my hair came out a lot lighter in the photos than it actually is in real life. it's actually a dark brown with the highlights through but i want it to be like how it is in the photos! hopefully it will be in summer, fingers crossed! it was a big shock when i looked in the mirror and my fringe was mostly filled with blonde and caramel streaks - i asked for brown but we thought that my hair wouldn't take the colour so if it was highlighted blonde, it'd turn brown! i'm so glad my hair decided to surprise me as i love it! it took some time to get used to but i used to have a blonde streak in my fringe two years ago, and i missed it before it turned orange.  i'm now armed with tone-correcting products to prevent it from happening ;)

yesterday's hair routine:

i borrowed some of Wendy's (Jordan's mummy) products for blonde hair before shooting off to buy some for myself.. thanky Mummy K :)

L'Oreal: Elvive Nutri-Gloss Shampoo & Conditioner
Herbal Essences: Split-end Protector (don't likey but trying to use it up..)
Paul Mitchell: Super Skinny Serum (two words: heaven and pears)
John Frieda: Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting Mousse
VO5: Heat Protectant
Cloud Nine: straighteners (love)
Goldwell: Spray Wax (even more love)

that's it :)
what d'you think of this new hairstyle? what have you all been up to?

thanky for reading :)
hope you're all well! x

Sunday, 6 February 2011

perfume collection and wants :)

halloo beautiful people,
i'm here today to bring you a quick blogpost on my current perfume collection and the ones i want to purchase in the near future! recently, i've grown addicted to perfumes and how a different scent can change my mood or suit an outfit better? does that make any sense?!

these are the perfumes i currently own:

i try to split them into different seasons, although most of the time - i just spray on whichever one i fancy! for example, Light Blue and Fresh Blossoms is a summery scent for me whereas Hypnose is one for the wintery months! i love them all so much! i've also realised that i don't tend to stick to specific scents e.g. all sweet and florally, i like to branch out :)!

these are the ones i realllllly would like soon please! especially Daisy and Miracle - AHH! NEED TO SMELL LIKE THIS!!! and Marry Me! i've got the sample and using it sparingly. however, my nose is glued to my wrist when i've sprayed this. it smells soooo good! anyone out there? *winks*

which perfumes do you like? any recommendations?

hope you're all well! x

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Outfit Of The Day: let's play smart casual

halloo, beautiful people!

this is the outfit i wore when i went out for lunch with a side order of shopping after ;)! hehe. i am in love with this top, and mentioned it in this post. i didn't think it was worth the price so stepped back into Topshop to return it.. but found myself walking out. i couldn't do it! it's simple but such a statement. AND THE COLLAR! i love it!

by wearing the top and skirt, it helps to hide my problem areas that i hate due to the different materials overlapping. the top is cropped but loose, in comparison to a bodycon dress which would highlight the areas more! i usually love wearing black, but this top stands out with the block colour, whilst allowing me to maintain my love affair with black. woohoo! i love that it's smart but casual enough to wear in the daytime without looking too formal :)!

i kept my make up simple and was inspired by Angelina Jolie in The Tourist for my hair. by the way, i totally recommend the film if you haven't watched it - absolutely amazing and her clothes are beautiful! and her hairstyles, makeup, jewellery... 

the brogues were actually from Primark for £8!!! what a bargain?! i did spend ages deciding whether to get them due to that being an extra £8 on top of the amount i spent that day.. but after walking into Topshop and seeing a pair nearly the exact same for £30.. it was mine. i love them! they're very, very comfortable to walk in as it's slightly padded and has an adorable floral print inside :)

enough with the rambling!
here's the video incase you're interested :)

black cardigan: primark £15
shirt: topshop £32
basic skirt: h&m £2.99
shoes: primark £8 (BARGAIN!!)

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solution in 'Sand'
MAC studio finish concealer in 'NC42'
MAC natural skin finish in 'Medium Dark'
L'Oreal voluminous mascara
L'Oreal brown eyeshadow for eyebrows
MAC 'All That Glitters' eyeshadow
L'Oreal brown eyeshadow in quad
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in 'Bourbon'
Topshop cream blush in 'Nutmeg'
Natural Collection 'Moisture Shine in Fig'
Lipsmacker 'Coca Cola'

I also uploaded a video on this outfit below!

hope you're all well! x

Friday, 21 January 2011

Initial Review: Bulgarian White Rose Mask (My Beauty Diary)

hallloo beautiful people!

this is a review of the 'bulgarian white rose mask' from 'my beauty diary', a company from Taiwan. this is my first review! i'll be going in-depth with what the company states, how to use the mask and my initial thoughts!

(packet of the mask)

what they say:

this face mask is part of the natural key line with 'effective nourishing extracts from nature' to 'meet the needs of facing varieties of challenges under different circumstances and weather conditions'.

it 'offers radiance with translucent, glowing look of skin by its softening effect. moisturising, smoothing, firming. for use on normal skin, especially recommended for dull skin lacking radiance.'

the main ingredients are:

bulgarian rose hydrosol which soothes, refreshes and moisturises.
liquorice and kiwi which whitens skin.
aloe and cucumber which calms and smooths skin as well as moisturise.

how to use this product:

this mask comes with a plastic layer when you first remove it from the packet which protects the cotton from ripping. there is a lot of product packed into this mask and it's quite runny, but it won't drip onto you. when you put it on, it has a slight cooling effect so it's very refreshing. it's great for when you come out the shower, in the bath or on a hot summer's day! you're meant to use it after cleansing and leave it on for approx. 20-30 minutes, i left it on for 45 simply because of the amount of 'essence' in this mask. i use my hands to pat the mask onto the face to ensure that it's on properly and that my skin is drinking it all up! you'll feel the mask dry up after a period of time and then peel away!

you don't need to wash it off after, but massage the residue gently into your face and neck. continue with your usual moisturiser (i'm trying Laneige Water Sleeping Pack exp at the moment, amazing!)

my thoughts:

after i massaged what was left of the mask into my skin, i noticed an immediate glowy and bright complexion. i felt my skin after it was properly absorbed, and oh my, it was sososo smooth! my pores seemed to have shrunk too and gave me an even skin tone. it's left my skin feeling supple, soft and hydrated. it has a slight hint of a rose scent which isn't overpowering and actually very calming and lovely.

beware: SCARY PHOTOS!!

1) with the mask on. it makes my face look so long, not the most flattering photo, haha! the shape was generally a bit big for me but meant that most areas of my face was well moisturised :)

2) the mask after. it collected up dirt and remains of my make up. eww.

1) my face after the mask. as you can see, it's glowing and the skin tone is more even! please excuse these photos, no make up was worn and had a tiring day!

2) ehe..

definitely will repurchase! i will be trying this a few more times to properly review it :)! you can buy samples of 2 off ebay, or a pack of 10 from yesstyle. in my case, i will be asking my mumma to kindly purchase some more when she goes on holiday next month ;)!

product website:

have you ever tried this product? if so, what are your thoughts on it? if not, will you be trying this? please leave any feedback in the comment box below :)

hope you're all well! x

Thursday, 20 January 2011

let's do this: running!

halloo beautiful people!

we've heard it all before, "my new year's resolution is to lose weight/keep fit/do more exercise" and how many of us actually end up nearly giving up after a few weeks? *raises hand*

i started on the 30 day shred and was nearly on the second level before uni deadlines came round, and i decided to spend all of my time on that instead. now, i'm determined to get back on track! thankfully, i've still been eating healthily since new year's, and trying to swap fizzy drinks and biscuits with water and fruit! it's going well :)

to try and go that one step further, Jordan encouraged me to take up running - and he'd join me also. i made my excuses, "i don't have the right gear", "i'm not going shopping anytime soon to get them.." to "but everyone will laugh at me". through the beauties of sales and online shopping, he soon resolved those issues and motivated me to give it a try. a few miles just to get my heart pumping and to release endorphins after the running.. it'll be good for me, right?! after further research on the internet, cardio is indeed one of the best ways of keeping fit. hopefully, the gear purchased will arrive in time while i'm still in this mindset! hooray!

here's what i purchased at very cheap prices!

1, 2, 3

click on the links if you're interested, and they can be purchased from Sports Direct :) they're very inexpensive products as i don't want to spend a lot of money on them, only to give up after a few tries! hopefully i won't though ;)!

do any of you guys run for fun?
what are your thoughts on it?

hope you're all well! x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Outfit Of The Day - Loungin' Around

halloo beautiful people,

i uploaded an outfit of the day video last Monday on my fashion/beauty channel, which can be viewed here. it's a very, very simple outfit so it's nothing special! however, although i've kept it casual, the print of the jumper, (i bought a few sizes up to make it oversized, bonus points for extra comfort!) the shorts and woollen tights means that you can keep warm, whilst looking a bit more stylish in comparison to wearing a hoodie and pair of trackies!

the jumper was on trend when i bought it, in the fairisle pattern. it's very festive and captures the winter spirit. i love how minimal colours are used with black on white with a pop of pink - yay! the pattern is very cute by keeping it simple with just polka dots and scattered stars and snowflakes. it's nice that the main features of this jumper isn't repeated throughout - that would've made it a bit too over the top.

i just teamed it with some denim shorts (cut off from old jeans) and grey woollen tights! by wearing this, you can lounge around the house and quickly pop out without feeling too frumpy and blah looking! win ;)!

i'm not wearing a lot of jewellery, just the pearl necklace i always wear and a swallow ring (£2 from Primark!!). it makes your outfit just a bit more special without it being too much. hair wise, i also made a tutorial video on how to style your fringe into a french plait, which can be viewed here. it's very easy to do and takes hardly any time :)! it adds a girly twist and gets your fringe out of your face during those days where it just doesn't want to cooperate with you!

jumper - primark £13
denim shorts - cut off from jeans
tights - primark £2
ring -  primark £2

mac mineralise skin finish natural - medium deep
mac studio finish concealer in nc42
topshop cream blush in nutmeg
clinique blush
mac all that glitters eyeshadow
illamasqua art of darkness precision ink
bourjois les nudes lipgloss in rose mythic

I also filmed a video for this, check it out :)!

hope you're all well! x

Sunday, 16 January 2011

peterpan invasion

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

halloo there, beautiful people!

this post is about a new favourite of mine! like them or not, i don't think peter pan collared themed clothing are going to go any time soon! every high street store i've popped into this week have had at least one top gracing this beauty :)

there are good and bad points to this style however:

this style is adorable whilst maintaining a sense of femininity at the same time. it's different and i like how the collar is the statement, so it's not necessary to wear necklaces and earrings to make it stand out. of course, do so if you wish :)! for me personally, it makes me nostalgic from when i was a child as these collars are on a lot of children's clothing!

i really love how you can dress this up or down.
it can be appropriate for day wear with some shorts, tights and a cardigan or blazer. change it up for the evening with a black skirt (e.g. high-waisted). 

although this makes me nostalgic, it also reminds me of school uniforms with the buttons and collar. it can be a little bit too formal looking. i purchased the top from topshop today (3rd top, top row) and although i fell in love with the collar, the style and the way it felt on my skin when i tried it on - i couldn't help but think that i looked either like a waitress or a primary school student. sad face. i shall be returning this :(

i think it's important not to overdo it, let the collar do the talking!
haha, that is so cheesy now i'm reading that back but i'll keep it in anyway! keep it simple with minimal accessories unless you don't want to, of course!

what are your thoughts? do you like peter pan collars?

p.s. the 6th picture is actually a maternity top from Topshop, it's currently in the sales! i can't wear it obviously but i really loved the style :)

hope you're all well!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

topshop dresses wishlist - january 2010

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

my favourite things to wear are dresses. so simple, just sling in on, add a cardigan (woollen cable knit ones for me in this weather - brr) and an optional waist belt and i'm good to go! i'm slowly going towards the top and jeans combination (i recently bought my first pair of jeans in 3 years, so proud) but they won't be the first things i'll click on when i'm browsing Topshop's website anytime soon!

i've now grown into the habit of going onto the website whenever i'm bored (thanks to my little sis, who goes on it 5x a day, i swear!) and always check the 'new in' tab, or look at my favourite garments over and over again. being a uni student living in London means that most of my student loan and personal savings goes towards things like rent and food etc. but it doesn't stop me from lusting after these items! who knows.. i may treat myself to a dress, or three..

the first dress wouldn't usually be the immediate thing i'd pick out, and that's due to the polka dot pattern.  something about this makes me smile though, whether it's the neutral colour, to the cute collar or maybe the 50's vibe that it gives out.. i want to pair it with a head of curls, some cute pumps and a daisy filled field spinning around and around in the sunshine..

i have a lot of white/cream dresses already but my mind still tries to justify this one, "it has embroidered mesh detailing around the neck", "it's flattering" and "there are tiny flowers on it"! i'd keep it simple with nude pumps/mary jane flats with a beige cardigan and a floral headband! much like the one i recently bought in Primark that i've yet to blog about..

with the third tea dress, the sleeves and the waist detail just made me envision images of this going in in all the right places, a figure-hugging dress - always good. it wouldn't be the first thing i'd pounce on though, but i thought it was worth a mention :)

the fourth and sixth are basically the same but i can't stop clicking on them to look at. i love floral patterns and there's something about this that would fit in on a hot summer's day in Spain, Italy or France.. i'd wear the fourth one with a curly loose updo with a thick bow headband. i keep conjuring summer outfits in my mind, i really dislike the winter! to make it a bit more suitable for this weather, woollen tights (i'm really into grey ribbed ones at the moment) and a cable knit cardigan will have to do!

i fell in love with the fifth dress, there's a grecian feel about this and it just looks so elegant to me. everything from the cornelli trim details, to the colour, to the material to the fact that it's cinched in at the waist just made my tummy squeal a little bit with excitement. at the price-tag of £75 though, i don't think it'll be in my wardrobe anytime soon.. sighs. 

what's on your wishlist at the moment?
do you like these kind of posts?

hope you're all well! x

Saturday, 8 January 2011



my name's Shu. well, my full name is Shu Shi. yep, it's basically 'sushi' with an extra 'h' and pronounced 'shoe she'! nice to meet you (if anyone is actually reading this, ehe).
this is my first post on this blog! i've had several before but this year, i'm determined to update regularly etc so wanted to start fresh! i make videos on youtube under the username, 'shulikesclothes' (haha, so original ;)). i've got two other channels, 'letsnomfashion' and 'dejashu'. one was my old fashion/beauty channel which mainly consisted of collective hauls and outfit of the days. after a while, i grew tired of the name incase people expected me to be an expert at fashion (which i'm not) and i wouldn't live up to it, haha!

the other is a vlog channel where i upload random trips, and times where i'm just in a ridiculously good mood and want to share it with the internet! subscribe if you're interested!

i want this channel to be concentrated on hauls, outfit of the days, reviews and posts on different styles etc! hopefully all will go well and i'm inviting all of you to join me on this adventure!

off i go to do the 30 day shred, shower, get ready, film a few videos then head off out! :)

hope you're all well! x
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